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12 Best countries in the world for Food lovers

When you are traveling in different countries, you need to know about the variety of tastes and flavors of that country to taste best food in that country. I will give you a list of best destinations for food lovers. Here are the list of foods that must eats and drinks when you travel in other countries. This are some of the best Countries in the World for Food, so Let’s start! it is only a collection of delicious destinations, not based on any rating.

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In the Vietnamese food mostly include ingredients like shrimp paste, fish sauce, rice, herbs, Thai basil, vegetables and fruits. But, unlike other Asian countries, Vietnam has one of the healthiest foods.

Here are some tasty dishes in Vietnam:
Goi cuon - Goi cuon is a spring rolls stuffed with coriander, minced pork, shrimp or crab.

Banh mi - This is a vegetables sandwich with different ingredients.

Banh Xeo - This is one type of vietnamese pancakes.

Pho - Soup with noodle

Cha Ca - Cha Ca is a white fish grilled in butter with spring onions.

Best to Drink in Vietnam - Jasmine tea, local beer 'Bia Hoi', iced coffee, iced lemon tea.

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There are many things to try, from sweets to soups. But if you want traditional dish then definitely souvlaki is a best for you. This is the iconic fast food dish of Greece that you can find anywhere on the streets, bars or in small shops and cafes. You can get this souvlaki dish over the whole country.

Here are some tasty dishes in Greece:
Souvlaki - it is basically little pieces of pork, which fried on a grill.

Mousaka - is an egg or potato based dish, good to try it.

Greek Salad - also called as horiatiki salad is made with small pieces of tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, onion, cheese, and olives.

Best to Drink in Greece - ouzo and tsipouro

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Italian food is better to enjoy, the traditional colors of Italian cuisine are red, green and yellow which always create a good mixture of amazing flavor and taste. All the Italian dishes are based on tomato, bread and olive oil.

Here are some tasty dishes in Italy:
Pizza - Here you can get every types of pizzas like Margherita, Quattro Formaggi, Speck e Mascarpone & lots more.

Pasta - choose Carbonara, Pesto and Amatriciana are the best options for pasta.

Panna cotta - a creamy dessert usually served with red berry jam.

Best to Drink in Italy - Red Wine (Barbaresco and Barolo), White wine (Gewürztraminer, Muller Thurgau and Chardonnay), Sparkling wine (Franciacorta & Prosecco)

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Pakistan is a Muslim nation, so don’t consume pork and alcohol here, rather than this they concentrate on beef, chicken, fish and vegetables. They use a lot of flavors in their dishes, you will see chilli powder, ginger, curry, coriander, paprika, cinnamon and garlic in most of their dishes.

Here are some tasty dishes in Pakistan:
Shahi tukra - is a sweet dish made with bread, cream, sugar, milk and saffron.

Chicken tandoori - Spicy chicken roasted in tandoor.

Raita - vegetable salad made with yogurt.

Roti - It is a local Bread prepared from a dough of flour and water by baking

Best to Drink in Pakistan - Yogurt drink which called as Lassi.

Remember - alcohol is prohibited in Pakistan!

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Filipino dishes are based on a mixture of different countries traditional foods like India, Spain, China and America.

Here are some tasty dishes in Philippines:
Adobo - In this Filipino cuisine involves meat, seafood and vegetables marinated in vinegar with soy sauce, garlic, and black peppercorns, which is browned in oil.

Torta - Its a fillipino omelette

Pancit - noodles

Lumpia - It is a type of snack made of thin crepe pastry called "lumpia wrapper" and enveloping it with a mixture of chopped vegetables or meat.

Puchero - It is created by beef in bananas and tomato sauce.

Best to Drink in Philippines - palm wine

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Rice is uses as a basic ingredient in Thai cooking in the most of dishes. It has 5 main tastes, which you can see in almost every Thai dish, that are sour lime, fish sauce, hot chilli, salt and sweetness.

Here are some tasty dishes in Thailand:
Tom Yam Goong - a delicious hot and sour Thai soup made with lemongrass, kalgan, laim, chilli, coco, shrimps and lime juice.

Pad Thai - a fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food in Thailand, made with tofu, eggs, tamarind and other ingredients.

Som Tam - it's a spicy green papaya salad.

Best to Drink in Thailand - Sang Som, the local rum, made from sugarcane.

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The most famous japanese food is Sushi, But this is not only tasty cuisine made in Japan, here a lot to eat as their indigenous culture and traditions. Japanese people eat food using a chopsticks and they made the whole world eat with chopsticks instead of using spoons and forks.

Here are some tasty dishes in japan:
Tempura - It is a Japanese dish usually made of deep fried seafood or vegetables.

Wagashi - Sweet dish, made with red bean paste

Unagi - eel served with rice

Soba and Udon - Noodles

Tonkatsu - fried pork cutlets

Best to Drink in Japan - Yakitori beer, Sake and Tea. Japanese people serve their food with traditional rice wine "sake", which actually tastes like vodka.

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In Ukraine you can get various types of pastries, soups and meat dishes. The famous Russian soup beetroot and borsch, comes from Ukrainian cuisine. But Ukrainian borsch is different than the Russian.

Here are some tasty dishes in Ukraine:
Borsch - a tasty meat beetroot red colored soup.

Salo - It is a Ukraine's national dish made with pork.

Gorilka - homemade strong vodka.

Vareniki - Made by wrapping dough around a savory by filling potato, cabbage, cottage cheese or cherry in it and cooking in boiling water.

Zrazi - beef cutlets with different flavors.

Best to Drink in Ukraine - Gorilka, Black Tea and Cranberry juice.

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Chinese food famous all over the world and you can get it everywhere in the world. But there are 2 types of Chinese – real and fake. If you are in China, definitely get authentic chinese food and If you are in other country, then use only Chinese restaurant where the customers are Chinese.

Here are some tasty dishes in China:
Soy puff - piece of “bread”, loaded with lots of proteins

Tofu - It is a soy cheese, which fried with different spices

Chop suey - a stir-fried dish with meat or shrimps and vegetables which includes mushrooms, bamboo shoots and bean sprouts. It is usually served with rice.

Best to Drink in China - Tea or Chinese beer.

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The cow is a sacred animal in India and lots of Indians are vegetarians. In traditional Indian food uses many different spices. Here you can taste Indian homemade white cheese, which called as Panir. Roti is served in every traditional dish of India and rice is the most common products of Indian food as well.

Here are some tasty dishes in India:
Concerning alcohol - It is only available in Goa, which is famous tourist place in India for parties and drinks, because there is no any tax on alcohol, unlike other states in India.

Paneer Butter Masala - it is most popular spicy dish in India, which you can get it anywhere. It is made from tomato puree with the mixture of butter, traditional Indian herbs and spices.

Aloo Gobi - It is made with potato and cauliflower.

Wada Pav - This is famous street food in Mumbai, which made from potatoes and serves with bread.

Best to Drink in India - Masala Tea, Kingfisher beer and Old Monk rum.

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From the tasty street food to gorgeous restaurant El Celler de Can Roca, which ranked first in the World’s 50 best restaurants in 2015, Spain is best place for food lovers which offers lots of varieties.

Here are some tasty dishes in Spain:
Paella - Paella is a Valencian rice dish with seafood.

Tapas - traditional Spanish snacks, with cold (made with cheese) and hot (fried) variations.

Jamon - It is a delicious row cured meat.

Best to Drink in Spain - Sangria and beer.

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Switzerland is a country where you can see the impact of 3 different cultures: Italian, French and German. But apart from this, you can get various types of chocolate and cheese with best quality in Switzerland.

Here are some tasty dishes in Switzerland:
La Fondue - This is a melted cheese served in a communal pot with bread you need to dip the bread inside melted cheese to eat.

Les Röstis - This is roasted potato, Swiss breakfast dish

La longeole - the traditional sausage made from pork and fennel.

Chocolate - a traditional sweets in Switzerland, Swiss chocolates are famous all over the world and you can get every types of chocolate here.

Best to Drink in Switzerland - Rivella (Swiss drink based on lactose) and Absinthe.

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