Friday, 28 September 2018

These are those countries where the petrol is cheaper than water

Nowadays, purchasing petrol in countries like India, UK, Holland, Sweden, and Turkey is quite expensive and the prices are continuously rising.

When we talk about India, the price of petrol is increasing day by day, the rising prices of petrol and diesel is a big issue in India nowadays, but in some countries of the world petrol is cheaper than water. Let's know about that countries where the price of petrol is very low as compared to other countries.

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In Venezuela the price of petrol is very cheapest where you can get one litre of petrol in just $0.01, which is literally Rs. 1 (one). The 50 per cent economy of the country depends upon the exporting of petrol which contributes to highest income of the country.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is another country where the price of petrol is very cheap. This country is known for the largest oil-producing and petrol exporting country in the world. In Saudi Arabia, you can get one litre petrol at the price of $0.54, i.e, Rs. 40 INR.

Libya is based at the third place in the list to produce petrol at cheapest price. This country is becoming the ninth biggest petrol producer in the world, where you can get one litre of petrol at just $0.11, which is Rs. 8 INR

In Turkmenistan, the people are entitled to use just 120 litres of petrol (free), it means the people of this country can use 120 liters of petrol for free in a month and hence the price of the petrol is not fixed in this country. If they crossed the limit of using 120 litres petrol in a month, then they will need to pay $0.23 per liter, which is Rs. 16.69 INR.

Most of the income of this country is comes from the production of oil. For production Bahrain is becoming the fifth country to produce petrol at very cheap prices, here you can get one litre of petrol for just $0.53, which is Rs. 38.46 INR.

Kuwait is a rich country which known for having the fifth largest oil reserve in the world, the average price of petrol in Kuwait is $0.35 per liter, which is Rs. 26 in INR.

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Qatar is based at the 7th position in the list of countries which producing the cheapest petrol, oil industry is the main source of income for this country. Qatar has more than 15 billion barrels gasoline in reserve, the cost of petrol in this country is $0.57, which is as low as Rs. 42 in INR.

In Egypt, the Suez channel line is one of the important line in the country, which carries over one billion litres petrol every day from the Persian Gulf. The per liter price of petrol in Egypt is $0.35, which is Rs. 22.50 in INR. Nowadays, because of some political changes in the country, the price of petrol has remained unbalanced.

Oman every day produces over 600,000 barrels of petrol, which makes the government of Oman to cut down the prices of petrol in the country. The average price of per liter petrol in oman is $0.58, which is Rs. 42.11 in INR.

Algeria is one of the largest petrol producers in Africa and one of the top countries which produce cheapest petrol in the world. The country producing over 1.2 million barrels of petrol every day and the 60 percent income of this country are comes from the production of oil. The average price of petrol in Algeria is $0.36, which is Rs. 26.13 in INR.

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