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These are the most powerful countries in the world

Every country has its own army, which is responsible for the security of that country. Each country take special care of its security, and in some countries, all the citizens have to go through tough military training, whether they are a woman or men. The country which has the largest army is considered to be the most powerful country, so let's know about some powerful countries, which has the strongest army force.

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America is the world's most powerful country in the world. Today, America has world-class weapons and it's military budget is more than all the countries in the world. America spends the lots of money on its military, Its also has the largest Navy and most aircraft carriers in the world with 11 full-sized carriers and 8 helicopter carriers. Its Air Force have the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world.

After America, Russia is considered the most powerful country in the world, Russia has the world's largest army, in terms of nuclear weapons, Russia is no less than the US. This country manufactures a large amount of military hardware and after U.S Russia is the second largest military weapons exporter in the world.

Today China is give tough competition to the US and Russia, this country increasing its strength for the last few years, China is also spending big amount on its military to make country more secure and it is working hard to create state of the art weapons. This largest population country in the world, has its largest military force. All those millions of men and women are equipped with 3,000 aircraft, 714 ships and 13,000 military vehicles.

India is the fourth most powerful country in the world, this country has the world's 7th largest army with a very large number of nuclear weapons along with state of the art weapons. It also equipped with over 11,000 armored vehicles, but, it has a relatively small navy and air force.

Israel is also the world's strongest nation, it has the world's most sophisticated weapons, and also it one of the largest weapons suppliers in the world after America. Israel has taken hostility from all its neighboring countries and surrounded by many enemies around it. That's why Israel always has to be alert, because the enemy country can attack anytime and from anywhere.

Japan has its own “Self-Defense Force” that is very strongest on both defense and offense. It have fourth largest submarine force and four small helicopter and aircraft carriers. Powerful tanks and weapons are imported from other countries and it has a good collection of military hardware equipments.

South Korea
Korea has over 624,000 soldiers, 2,381 military tanks and 1,412 aircraft. It also has over 5 million members of reserve service. In South Korea, Most of military equipments are made within the country.

The military of France has over 204,000 active military members and 183,000 in reserve. Those are small numbers, but the forces are highly equipped with hi-tech equipment which made within the country by its defense industry.

Italy has lots of helicopters, two small aircraft carriers and 250,000 active military force, all those soldiers are equipped with over 7,000 armored vehicles and 800 aircraft. But, the limited number of tanks (200) and ships (150) hurts its ranking.

Germany has over 6,000 armored vehicles, almost 700 aircraft and 180,000 well-trained soldiers, this country is always ready for a defensive war. But, germany has lacks of aircraft carriers and submarines.

United Kingdom
The United Kingdom has its newest HSM Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers. It also has 900 aircraft and an 150,000 active military force. But it has a small navy with 76 ships and it has total 6,000 armored vehicles with 250 tanks.

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