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The Most Beautiful walkways around the World, which makes your trip more memorable

If you like traveling or if you are a nature lover then it's obvious that you are looking for a beautiful natural spots. If the path is surrounded by beautiful nature then it is a very memorable moment. There are many beautiful paths for walking, biking and cycling in the the world on which it is feels like we are walking in the heaven. Here are some beautiful paths, which will make your trip happy and memorable. So, let's know about them.

Image credit - Pixabay
White Carpathians in Autumn
The White Carpathians are a mountain range located between the border of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, here you can experience a very beautiful natural surroundings in Autumn season. Walking on this beautiful route is gives you a unforgettable experience.

Image credit - Wikimedia
Japan's bamboo forest pathways, Kyoto
Bamboo Forest or Sagano Bamboo Forest, is located in Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan. The forest has several pathways where the tourists can enjoy a walk and cycling between the lots of Bamboos. This is one of the most amazing natural site in Japan and lots of tourists come here to enjoy a ride between Bamboos.

Image credit - Wikimedia
Dark Hedges, Ireland
The Dark Hedges is a tourist attraction site located in northern Ireland. Here is a beautiful path surrounded by beech trees between Armoy and Stranocum in Antimony County. This atmospheric trees tunnel has been used as a location in the most popular television series Game of Thrones, which has resulted in becoming a most popular tourist attraction in Ireland.

"Nemophila Hill" (CC BY 2.0) by ptrktn
Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan
Hitachi Seaside Park is a unique natural environmental site of sand dunes, forests, grasslands and springs. It is located on the Japanese coast of the Pacific Ocean. This park is spread over a total space of 350 hectares, in which 200 hectares area are open to the public, this huge park is also a home of the many types of colorful flowers and grasses which changes its colors throughout the four Seasons. There is also a several cycling and walking trails are available for visitors.

Halnaker Windmill route, Sussex in UK
Halnaker Windmill is a tower mill which located on Halnaker Hill, at the northeast of Chichester, Sussex in England. The Mill is reached by a beautiful public walkway from the north end side of Halnaker hill. This beautiful route is look like a tunnel of trees.

Rhododendron Tunnel at Reenagross Park in Kenmare, Ireland
This site is known for its purple color flowered rhododendron tunnels, it was not well known among visitors, but in some recent years many people visit this site. It is ideal location for a picturesque picnic and a hiking. The Raingrass Park is perfect place for all ages.

Image credit - Pixabay
Hallerbos forest, Belgium
The Hallerbos is a forest located in Belgium, which spread over the area of 1,360 acers. Here you can visit at any time of the year, but especially worth to visit for a two to one week period in April month when the hyacinths are blooming and it looks like a purple carpet has been spread over there. There are numerous paths available for walking, cycling or horse riding.

"The Hyacinth Path" (CC BY 2.0) by romanboed
Springtime path in Holland
Spring time is a best time to visit Holland, because in springtime the Holland is becomes a wonderfully colourful place on the earth. If you want to see the beautiful tulip fields then the best place in Holland is Keukenhof park. This park has over 7 million flower bulbs surrounded by tulip fields. Here is also a pathways for visitors to enjoy the walk between the tulip fields. Between mid April to early May is usually the most perfect time to visit Holland.

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