Tuesday, 4 September 2018

How Google helps you to plan your Trip

If you want to travel anywhere in the world, then you need to find a good place first and if you are unable to find a good place then now Google will make it easy for you. Google has already launched its app for travelers which name is Google Trip, with this app you can easily find the best place for your trip. In Google Maps you can easily get direction from point A to point B. The Google Trips app is do the same thing to plan your vacation.

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The smartphone app work as your “personalized tour guide in your pocket.” so without any hassle the travelers can enjoy their vacations at best places. The app can do a lot for you, Here’s what you need to know before choosing your your first Google Trip destination.

This app work with your Gmail account, you can create your first trip by simply searching your  destination city and choosing your dates. If you want to travel in multiple cities, then you can add those as well.

The app can guides you for traveling in more than 200 major cities, and each of those has six features Reservations, Things to Do, Saved Places, Day Plans, Food & Drink and Getting Around. But you won’t get Getting Around options for smaller locations.

In Reservations you can get the details about flight, hotel and car rental information. But, It’s cannot make reservations for you directly from the app, this app only shows the reservations you already made using your Gmail.

In Things to Do, It recommends some indoor and outdoor locations within the city in which you are traveling, like Street Shops or best selfie point in that area. If you like any location, then press the star icon and it’ll add it to your Saved Places list.

In Day Plans, you will get suggestions for what to do in your destination city, on how much time you want to spend and where you will be staying. You can also get many other different suggestions, related to that area. If you are planning a trip to New York, then you can get a suggestion like, a “Literary New York” Or “New York With Kids.” with reviews, open and close timing and the travel time between each stop.

In Food & Drink you will get the basic overview of the restaurant in your area and suggest you some categories like “family-friendly,” “cocktail specialists”, "sea side restaurants", "nightlife" and lots more.

In Getting Around you can get all the transportation detail about your destination. You get all information from airport to public transportation options and costs of taxis.
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This app can save your data

In Google Map, you get a option where you can download and save your maps for offline use. You can do the same thing here by downloading your trip on your phone. By doing this, you are free to access all the information even if you’re not connected to the internet or cellular network. You don't need to spend your data with Google Trips and this feature is very helpful when you stuck at such places where the cellphone service is not available.

You can use this app with your cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. If the weather is bad, in such situations, the app will suggest indoor activities. This app will also show whether a place is open or closed in real time.

The app will automatically get information from your Gmail account, so before you start search anything, it already knows which hotels you stayed in and where you get car on a rent and save this details under Reservations. This information can be useful for you if you revisit that place and if you don't want, then you can easily delete your previous trips details.

This app is not do all for you, it can only helps you to plan your trip. It only gives you a suggestion related to your trip, not can book hotels and air tickets.

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