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Festival of Human Tower Spain (Castell) vs India (Dahihandi/Janmashtami)

Human Tower Festival is celebrated mostly in two countries, India and Spain. The people who take part in this festival make a human tower together and It gives you a very thrilling experience when you see it from close. Those who become part of this game in India they are called as Govinda and in Spain, they are called as castellers. In Both countries, this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. In Catalonia and Valencian Community of Spain, they built a castell (human tower) traditionally at festivals. In India, Dahi Handi is one traditional festival, which celebrated during the Hindu festival Gokulashtami, which is also known as Krishna Janmashtami. This festival is celebrated on the next day of Krishna Janmashtami in the rest of the country, as a birthday of God Krishna.

"Primer 3 de 8 dels Castellers d’Esplugue" (CC BY 2.0) by Cargolins
In this festival both countries make human tower in their own style. The Castell festival of Spain is largely celebrated in Barcelona city. Here you can see the large amount of people and group of castellers coming to the city for making biggest human tower. The group which will successful to form the tallest human tower, is rewarded by the organizers in both countries.

In India, this festival is celebrated on a large amount in Mumbai and its surrounding areas. Lots of group of govindas come here to make tallest human tower and also the large amount of people come here to watch this thrilling sport festival of India. In this one-day festival every organizer offers some amounts of cash and trophies at to all those group of govindas who come here and make successful human tower.

Image credit - Wikimedia
It is not only a festival but also sport which increase team efforts amongst the people. This sport is very risky without proper practice and all the groups who take part in this festival start their practice even a month before the day of  festival. These human tower could be as tall as 50 foot or more and if someone falls from that height then it's very dangerous for him.

These festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and spirit in both the countries. But in this game, many people are also injured by falling while making tower. On the day of this festival, many hospitals are filled with such injured people. Yet, these festivals are celebrated every year with great enthusiasm and a large number of people are participating in it.

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