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Best places to visit in Alibaug | Things to do in Alibaug

Alibag is a coastal town of Maharashtra, India, which famous for its beautiful beaches like Alibag beach and there is lot of places and sights to visit. This place is located in Raigad district of Maharashtra state at about 93 km away from Mumbai, this town is surrounded by many beautiful beaches and places is one of the most budget friendly destination in India. Here you can enjoy the spectacular view of Arabian Sea, the 17th-century Kolaba Fort has beautiful tigers and elephants ancient carvings and temples of Hindu God's. At the south, the Korlai Fort which built by Portuguese dating from the 1521 which includes a lighthouse. The Murud Janjira fort is located on a small island in the Arabian Sea which has high walls and cannons.

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Alibaug Beach
If you like to exploring the beautiful beaches then the Alibaug beach is the best destination for you to visit near Mumbai. Here you can also enjoy the popular sight of Colaba Fort with a short boat ride. You can also visit the 400 years old Ganesh temple here.

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Kihim Beach
If you are searching best destination for photography then this beach is perfect destination for you. The cool wind and amazing weather makes this beach one of the best place to visit in Alibaug. The coastline is mostly known for its perfectly clear water where you can enjoy your day.

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Nagaon Beach
Nagaon beach is located 9 km away from Alibag and 114 km from Mumbai. If you are looking for some adventurous water sport activities to do in alibaug then this beach is the best place for you. This sandy beach is 3 km long Beach with crystal clear water and an ideal destination for the tourist where they can enjoy some amazing water sports activities like scuba diving and snorkeling.

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Kolaba Fort
The Kolaba Fort in alibaug is an old military base in India. It is based in the Arabian sea at a 1 to 2 km distance from the coast of Alibag. It is one of the most popular tourist destination and well protected monument in Maharashtra. The secret stories of this forts always attracts tourist to explore these fort.

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Kanakeshwar Forest
Kanakeshwar Forest is best place to enjoy beautiful wildlife in alibaug. The highly dense forest of kanakeshwar with rare species of flora and fauna attract lots of visitors. The climate at this place is always cool and it is located on the coast of Konkan near alibaug. Here you can spot the deadliest snake species and wild animals like leopards and boars.

Someshwar temple
Someshwar Temple is a structure of beautiful architecture and an ancient Hindu temple located in Akshi, at a 3 km distance from Alibaug. The structure of this temple reflects the architectural style of ruling period of Satavahana. There is a popular story is associated to this temple that, the Hindu Lord Shiva which also known as Someshwar drank poison here.

Khanderi Fort
Khanderi Fort is an ancient fort located in Raigad district of Maharashtra state, this famous tourist destination is listed out as one of the important places to visit in Alibaug. This place is officially known as Kanhoji Angre Island which built by Shivaji located 20 km away from the south of Mumbai.

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Revdanda Fort
Revdanda Fort is located at the mouth of Kundalika River. The fort is easily accessible by the Alibaug-Murud road. In some recent years the fort was guarded on three sides by creek water. The main entrance of the fort is at the southern side. This fort is based at 17 km distance from Alibaug and 125 kilometers from Mumbai. From this fort you can see the amazing views of Revdanda beach and enjoy the cool wind coming from beach, the Revdanda fort is always a best destination to spend some quality time. There is plenty of coconut trees Around the fort and it is beautified with the fragrance of a rare species of flowers.

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Akshi Beach
Akshi beach is located in alibaug in Raigad district of Konkan region, it's pristine long stretch beach lined with suru trees. If you are looking for a perfect places to visit in Alibaug, then this is one of them. Akshi beach is an ideal location where you witness the culture of local people. To reach at this place, the frequent transport buses from Mumbai to Alibaug are available.

Varsoli Beach
Varsoli beach is located at 3 km distance from the Alibaug Bus Depot, this stunning white sand beach is a famous tourist location in Alibaug blessed with beautiful natural sights, the beach is equipped with the most shocking natural prospectives. The coconut and Casuarina trees create the cool wind which is very refreshing for the tourist.

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