Friday, 7 September 2018

A hotel which has not any door and wall - Null Stern Hotel, Switzerland

The people who like to travel and visit new places, hotel is most important thing for them. So, today i am going to tell you about that hotel which does not have any roof and wall. You have to pay $ 250 rental to stay in this hotel for one day. This hotel room are completely open no any doors and no any walls, the Bed is under the open sky where you can feel relax while enjoying the nature with comfort.

Null stern hotel images
Image credit : ©Patrik_Riklin
The hotel we are talking about is located in Switzerland and its name is Null Stern Hotel, where all the hotels in the world are competing each other to get star ratings, the owner of this hotel say that customer is their star for them. The name of this hotel is Null Stern, which means No Star. The room of this hotel has been located in the middle of the Swiss Alps, it only features a bed with linens. Built on the summit of Gobshi hill in Switzerland. The Room for this hotel has already been booked for the year. If you want to book the room in this hotel to enjoy living in nature, then you have to book it in advance before one year.

This hotel is very different from other hotels or also very unique. The rooms of this hotel are bedded for guests under the open sky and the most surprising thing about this hotel is its bathroom, people will have to walk from the hillside to downhill for 3 minutes to use bathroom and toilets.

The one night of this hotel will cost you $ 300, while the day is $ 250. In the hotel you will find tiles on the floor, which is placed below the bed. The table and lighting facility beside the bed will also be provided. There is also a Butler for your hospitality. Who will be staying in the nearby cabin and it will serves you breakfast and dinner on the bed itself. Butler will also tell you the news of the day and weather conditions from behind the TV frame. This hotel offers you a great panoramic views of the mountains and the star at night. The new room, which featuring a queen bed, is located nearly 4,000 feet above the sea level on Gobsi mountain. So, what your opinion about this hotel which made in nature.

Above image is not real, it's just to show you how it looks, for real images of this hotel visit

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