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Victoria Falls - One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Victoria Waterfall, which is called the Mosi-Oa-Tunya in the local language, is a waterfall located on the Zambezi River in Africa. This waterfall is considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

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Surrounded with lush gardens, high-altitude mountains, exciting wildlife, lakes, rivers, ocean and beautiful waterfall, are all such features, due to which every traveler want to go to Africa. The most surprising thing in Africa's natural beauty is the magnificent Victoria Falls. This waterfall can be called a beautiful wonder of nature. It is estimated that about 55 lakh cubic meters water of Zambezi river falls below the valley and it can be enjoyed by the front end of this valley, which is as high as the river's edge. The falls create mists which can be realized from more than 20 kilometers away. The famous Scottish explorer David Livingstone discovered this waterfall, which called as Victoria Falls, but its older name is, Mosi-oa-Tunya, means "the smoke that thunders.”

Image credit - Pixabay
At the base of the falls the depth of water is 70 meters.

According to evolution researchers, nearly 100,000 years ago the falls were formed.

In 1855, after British queen Victoria visit this place, the Scottish explorer, Doctor David Livingstone named it as a Victoria falls.

The famous Scottish explorer Doctor David Livingstone was a first European person who saw this waterfalls.

The local people of this area called Victoria Falls as a “Mosi-oa-tunya,” which means ‘smoke that thunders.’

The mists generated from the falls make the surrounding Rain Forest the only place which receives continuous rainfall 24 hours a day.

When the sun rays goes through through the mist from Victoria Falls it creates an beautiful and colorful rainbow.

Since 1983, The Zambezi National Park protects that falls and now Victoria Falls National Park also protect it since January 2013.

This beautiful waterfalls on the Zambezi River is located on the border of the two countries Zambia and Zimbabwe in the continent of Africa.

Elephants come at the falls to feed on grasses and fruits growing along the banks of Zambezi river.

More than 550 million liters of water drops 305 feet (93 m) below in every minute over the cliff at Victoria Falls.

In wet or rainy season, the width of Victoria Falls is reaches over a 1 mile wide (1,609 meters).

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How to reach to the Victoria Falls

By Air
There are regular flights operated by Air Zimbabwe, from Harare to Victoria Falls. Apart from this, Air Namibia and South African Airways also manage some direct flights from Johannesburg.

By Road
If you are coming from Zimbabwe, take the renowned Victoria Falls Bridge to enter the town. In case, if you are coming from Lusaka, drive through the Southbound Kafue Road and take a right turn towards Mazabuka. The total distance between Lusaka to Victoria Falls is approximately 300 miles.

By Train
If you are coming from Zimbabwe, then you can take trains from Johannesburg or Pretoria. On the other hand, in Zambia the trains run from Lusaka to Livingstone daily.


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