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Tunnel of Love - Ukraine

Tunnel of Love is a part of railway line located near Klevan, Ukraine, that connect with Orzhiv. This railway route is surrounded by three to five kilometers long lush green arches. The Tunnel of Love is amazing destination to visit in Klevan, Ukraine. This three kilometer green tunnel is a small part of railway line which leads to the fibreboard factory.

"Tunnel of love #3" (CC BY 2.0) by
The train runs three times a day on this track and transport woods to the factory. However, the green tunnel attracts many travellers and photographers from all around the world.

It is believed that if you and your partner come into the Tunnel of Love and honestly make a wish, it will come true. It can be a new romantic place for you to explore.

The Tunnel of Love railway line runs between the arches of lush green trees. The length of this Tunnel of Love is between 3 to 5 kilometres of the total 6.4 km of track.

The train track of Tunnel of Love was firstly used in the Cold War to deliver military stuff to the nearby secret military camp and to provide adequate coverage trees were planted beside the rail line, to keep the operation remain secret.

"Keith Umbrella Tunnel of Love Klevan Ukr" (Public Domain) by amanderson2
The Tunnel of Love is most famous spot among couples, many couples come here to walk between the lush green tunnel, take some photos along the track and enjoy this natural beauty.

Everyday three or more trains may pass through the Tunnel of Love to transport loads from a nearby factory.

In this Tunnel of Love Incidents have occurred in 2015, when one Japanese women was injured after hit by a train.

The Odek plywood factory when removed some trees from the Tunnel of Love,. Many objections were taken by local people and since, that time the factory has not interfered with the trees.         

Most of people don't know about this tunnel of love until it became viral on the internet in 2011, and a publicity through social media, it has since been visited by lots of people from all over the world, and visitors have significantly increased during the past few years.

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