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Top 5 Most advanced countries in Technology

Technology has become a very important part of the world today, which helps us to makes our life easier. Some people says technology is fatal to our society and some says its very good for us. But, it depends on us how we use it. So, today we will know about some of the most advanced countries in technology.

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Japan is very innovative country in the world which has been number one in the list for many years, in 1945, after the World War II, the people of this country started to develop modern technology and due to this the country is now working on its new project dimensional elevator. Japan is the first country in the field of defense, which has created the first laser gun, so this country is the first country in the world which known how to use modern technology and science to protect their country. Their new project dimensional elevator can take any person from one place to another in nanosecond and this country is working on it, that's why it has the highest rate in technology.

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United States of America
The most vibrant and economically powerful country in the world. The income of every single person in this country is too high and there are many popular international companies including AMT, Dell, Intel And most important is Google who is the richest company in the world. In spite of this, America is also number two in the rapidly growing technical countries in the world, because there is a great technical intelligence system in the US which is possible due to its advanced equipment, and if you talk about space technology then the first who reach to the moon Neil Armstrong was also from this country, America is also successful Country in Space Technology.

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This country is not only rich in Beautiful Nature, but it also quite rich in the field of Science and Technology, so this country is at the top of almost every field such as Health, Economy, Politics and IT Industry, it's a passionate tribute to the Government to make this country the fastest in the race of technology by launching the Higher Technical Project. Because of its excellent management system and better education level, this country's name is very high in the technology field.

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South Korea
This is a country has not performed well in the areas of technology, but it has been placed in this list due to the excellent production of air conditioners, robots, TVs, computers, trains, aircraft, cars, helicopters and many more. All types of robotics developed by them are considered to be the highly advanced, Therefore, it is also considered one of the most high-tech countries in the world. If you talk about internet in this country, the speed of internet in this country is the highest in the entire universe. The Korean high tech company, Samsung, which defeated many Japanese mobile phone companies at the high level in the market, So now the country is working very well in technology, producing more advanced vehicles and coming forward in automobile too.

"German Museum of Technology, Berlin" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Sergey Galyonkin
Germany is the best and richest country in Europe, this country has achieved success after the Second World War due to the production of Army tanks on a large scale during the war, so this country is fast ahead in all areas of technology So far, there are many technical structures and infrastructure schemes in this country, Berlin Stadium is one of those great examples which is considered to be the most epic in the history of the whole world.

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