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Things to do in Bruges | Tour of Bruges | Belgium

The city of Belgian 'Bruges' is not less than that any fairy tales. If you see the places here, then the musician looks around the roadside while playing melodious tune. Horse carts on stone-made roads are always ready for tourists to roam around this city. At the same time, the tourist can also like to visit canals. If you want to ride a bicycle, then you can not get any better destination than this city. Because the real fun of traveling in this city is on the bicycle.

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Belfry is located in the heart of the city, Market Square is where you can see the city's most prominent symbols "Belfry Tower" .  The importance of Belfry in Bruges is similar as the importance of Big Ben for the London. The market is surrounded by beautiful houses in the middle of the city of Bruges. Apart from this, every Wednesday there are open a market, where you can enjoy lots of Tasty dishes and many more. At the same time, enjoying a trip in Bruges city with a boat is also a very different experience. The guides gives you all information about the Bruges in different languages. The boat passing under the small bridge and the tilted trees makes your journey more exciting. Apart from this, at every turn you will find a unique historic building, which you will never forget in your life.

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Lake of Love (Minnewater)
Lake of Love is a lagoon, located in the southern part of the Bruges city. It is also called as a Minnewater. Local people believes that the love of couples who walk on this bridge is immortal forever. Many swans which are walking around the lake is enhance the beauty of this place. The tourists coming to the city do not forget to ride of the horse carriage on the historic winding streets. This amazing half-hour walk that starts only from a Market Square will force you to come here again. The bus can also be used to tour this city, but the ride of cycling, boat and horse carriage is provide a very different experience.

Everyone who visit this city is surprised by seeing the architecture of the city's historical buildings. Here you can see the glimpse of neo-classic styles in the buildings and the town hall is also built in this style. Apart from this, Liberty palace is considered as the most beautiful place to visit in this city, where you can know the history of the Bruges.

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Interesting Museum
The travelers who visit this place never forget about watching beer museums located at Breidelstraat -3. Here the tourist is gives an iPad, which tell him everything information about the museum. Apart from this, you will also find information about all types of beer and their making techniques.

"Demo at Chocolate Museum, Bruges" (CC BY 2.0) by Martin Bravenboer
Check out Choco-Story (The Chocolate Museum) 
Belgium is famous for chocolates, here you can get a chance to taste the all types and flavors of chocolate. Choco-Story is a museum of chocolate in Bruges, Belgium, located in the 16th century "Huis de Crone" building on Sint-Jansplein in central Bruges. This museum will gives you the information about the transformation of cocoa into chocolate. Here you can also get a chance to learn about the sweet stuff by participating in a chocolate hunt and try to make the chocos with your hand.

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