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These are some unique inventions made by Japan - Destination Bucket

Hello friends, Japan is always popular country for its unique inventions, which one step ahead the rest of the world. In today's post we are going to tell you about Japan's inventions, you will be surprised if you know about some of the unique inventions made by Japan, then let's know about these inventions.

Japan has invented many unique and cool things, like, the Nissan Skyline, Mario and PlayStation is a few name of them. Also, many attractive cars and amazing game systems are great.

Image credit - pxhere
Recently Japan has invented a unique keyboard, which is the most different in appearance and it looks like a drum set. This keyboard was created by the Japanese Google Input Developer Team. It is a bit complicated to appear, but it is very easy to run. In the case of simple keyboard, there is better and faster too. But, the most interesting thing about this keyboard is, it can also be used as a drum set. This keyboard is currently only present in Japanese language, because it is manufactured in Japan.

"Stylin’" (CC BY 2.0) by Marvin Kuo
Sunglasses For Dog
Everyone has seen humans wearing glasses, but few people have seen dogs wearing glasses, the trends of wearing sunglasses in Japan are going on very high and this trends have increased so much that today Dogs are worn in Japan according to the dog's different breed and eye setting. Inside Japan, new varieties of glasses are constantly coming in the market.

Image credit - Wikimedia 
TKP Gate tower building
We are going to show you a model of Japanese architecture and unmatched engineering, which looks like any movie scene. This road passes through the building. The government had to do this because the dispute between the owner of the building and the government was going on between the highway. To solve it, it had to be build without damaging the building, although high technology was used to build this highway, by doing this, government made the highway without damaging the building.
Image credit - Wikimedia
Turning Train Seats
As we have seen many means to travel anywhere. We have also used a variety of transport facilities. Like bikes, trains, buses and cars. But during the journey, many people suffer from anxiety and vomiting many times and this problem is called Motion sickness. To prevent this in Japan, such chairs have been installed in the metro train, which can rotate in every direction and can also be folded too. With the help of these chairs, people are not frightened during the journey and feel very comfortable with these, because these chairs can rotate wherever we want. As the crowd grows, we also give some place to stand by folding these chair.

Image credit - Pxhere
Video Camera
Where would Funny Videos and movies can be made without the invention of the video camera, Thanks to Japan for giving us this  entertainment gadget and for making our life more interesting. Not only Video camera, Digital camera is also a invention of Japan!. Because of this inventions today we can share our good and funny moments with others.

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