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These are some strange places on the earth - Destination Bucket

There are many places on the earth that is very strange, you will be surprised if you see it all! Let's know about some places that are very strange.

"Petrified Teddy Bears!" (CC BY 2.0) by Mickyboyc
1. The Petrifying well
This Petrifying well in England has a wonderful story. Anything falling into it like leaves, woods or any creature, after a few days of falling they are changed into stone. Locals consider this a curse of a monster on this well and nobody likes to go around it because people believed that if they themselves came in contact with this well, they would also become stone. But for the past few years, this well is being developed as tourist place.

People who coming here leave their belongings like teddy bears, caps, watches, etc. under the water of this well and come again to see them after a few weeks, that time the goods left by them is converted into the stone. Scientists have realized that there is an excessive amount of iron and elements in the water of this well, so when this water falls on any object then that object resembles the stone. But the scientist is also completely unable to understand this secret.
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2. Shanay - Timpishka River
Generally the rivers are considered life savers. But inside the jungles of Peru, the Shanay - Timpishka River is called as the "Death River" because of its extremely hot water. The water temperature of this river ranges from 50°C to 90°C. But in some place, the temperature of the water reaches even above 100 degree Celsius. Nothing can seen around the river, Because there is hot steam rising from the water all around. Due to this anything can't be visible to your eyes, some animals fall into this river many times and due to its hot boiling water, that animals occurs death in few seconds.

Generally hot water ponds are found in the world including India, but the overheating of the river's flowing water is beyond the understanding of science. The special thing is that there is no active volcano around this river. In such a case, some scientists believe that there was a very strong earthquake at some point in the depths under this river. Through this, a hot lava inside the ground is constantly exposed to the water of the river due to which there will be a major crack under the river and because of that its water always boils.

"Catatumbo Lightning | Rayo del Catatumbo" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by ferjflores
3. Beacon of Marcaibo
There is a continuous storm coming over the Catatumbo River of western Venezuela, which never ends. This storm starts at around 7:00 pm every night and stays up to 5:00 am in the morning i.e. continuously active for 10 hours. In this way, the sky continues to spark, hence it is also called the storm of electricity. Earlier, scientists were of the view that uranium is present in large quantities in the stones, which cause the storm to come every night. But according to the new theory now - this storm comes because of the strange structure of the mountains present there. The hot winds emanating from the mountains gives rise to this storm by colliding with the cold and humid breeze flowing through the ocean. In 2010, this  storm had stopped suddenly. The researchers felt that the storm is ended and it would never come again. But after about one and a half months it suddenly started again and has been continuously happening till date. No any scientist can rightly tell that why does this happen?

"_DSC7621.jpg" (CC BY 2.0) by ozma.ht03a
4. Blue Pond of Hokkaido
There is a wonderful lake on Japan's Hokkaido island. Which is named after "Blue Lake". The specialty of this lake is that the water contained in it keeps changing its color like a chameleon. If you stand on one side and see this water blue, then standing on the opposite side will give you green color. It's very strange that in the rainy season, this water changes its color faster and quickly. This is man-made lake which was built by constructing a dam on a river there. Scientists believe that it happens due to the high amount of aluminum hydroxide present in the water, because of that, this water changes its color. But the most surprising thing is that the water of the river which is used to make this pond is looks perfectly normal, then why does this water start changing its color after coming into this lake? Scientists don't have any answer about it.

"My Public Lands Roadtrip: Ringing Rocks" (CC BY 2.0) by mypubliclands
5. The Ringing rocks
There is a great mysterious stone on the high peak of a mountain present in Pennsylvania. Looking at these stones, it seems that this stone is not a part of this mountain but it has been brought from outside. Now, who must have brought these stones present in such a large quantity and kept them on top of the mountain? It is very surprising in itself, but more surprising is that after banging these stones, the voices come out in different types of music. You can tune many of the stones together with the help of a hammer and can create a very beautiful music. It is estimated that these stones are placed in a special way on each other and musical sounds arise due to vibration in the middle of the two stones, but after all who was decorated these stones in this particular manner? This is a very big question and no one has the answer to it. It is interesting thing that the sound coming from this stones varies from season to winter and summer.

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