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These are some mysterious zero gravity places on the earth

The founder of gravitational force Sir Isaac Newton surprised everyone with his discovery. That one apple taught Newton's the theory of gravity. Gravity is very important factor for the earth, without the power of gravity we can't able to walk on the earth. But, if you want to feel the zero gravity, then some places are exist on earth where gravity doesn’t seem. Once you visit such places, you can get an idea about how gravitational forces are work. It's gives you feel like you are floating on the surface. So let's know about some places on the earth which challenge the law of gravity.

"Santa Cruz Mystery Spot cabin" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious
Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz California
In 1939, some group of surveyors had searched this place. Here it was believed that some divine powers have kept magic in this place. But later research showed that the magnetic field of this part is a bit confusing. This is the reason why you get a chance to play with Gravity here. In the 150 square feet of the spherical area, which is also called Mystery Spot, no any gravitational force is found there. At the mystery spot, If you throw something, it will start rolling upwards. Now it's become a popular tourist spot where people come from all around the world to experience the magic of Zero Gravity.

"img_0539" (CC BY 2.0) by vomsorb
St. Ignace mystery spot, Michigan
In 1950, Some people were doing the survey here, then their devices had stopped working suspiciously. The reason behind this suspicious activity has been found after a very deep research. Indeed, there is no gravitational force works in a particular 300 square feet area. If you come to Michigan, don't forget to visit this mysterious place where you can feel like you are in space.

"Cosmos Mystery Area - South Dakota - Tou" (CC BY 2.0) by vwcampin
Cosmos Mystery Area, Rapid City
In this strange location, you will see some trees which will look weird inclined towards one side. Like Michael Jackson's famous gravity dance step In fact, on this mysterious spot, you can also do that Gravity step without any extraneous help.

Image credit - Wikimedia
Spook Hill, Florida
On this mountainous hill, the carriages drive themselves towards the mountain. Due to this reason many tourists come here to experience the miracle of nature. Anyone who comes here checks this magic by closing his car or put it on neutral and see the car start moving of this area himself.

"Magnetic Hill" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by ashwin kumar
Magnetic Hill, Leh
The magnetic hill in Leh, India is another place where gravity can be overcome. This place is same as above spook hill in Florida. The Place is located at a distance of 30 km from Leh to Kargil, this magnetic hill is also an exciting spot for the tourists. It is also called as a Magnetic Hill of Ladakh. Here you will also find the fun of climbing the mountain by putting your car on neutral.

Image credit - Pixabay
Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA
The Hoover Dam in Nevada, USA, is another place where gravitational force doesn't work, if you visit this place anytime in your life, try to do this thing, pour water over the Dam. If you do this you will see, that the water won’t go down but will flow upward. This happens only because of the structure of that Dam and force of a wind which carried water upward.

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