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The most expensive underwater hotels in the world

Nothing in our world is impossible, because science has progressed so much in today's times that any impossible thing becomes possible. Today we are going to tell you about the world's most expensive underwater hotels.

If you are fond of eating and want to go to such a place, which is the most different then you should go to the underwater Hotels. This hotels is under water and you can see the dangerous animals of the sea while eating food and you will find everything you want to eat there.

Image credit - Alexey Potov
The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental, China

The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental also called as a Tianma Pit Hotel, or Shimao Quarry Hotel located in Songjiang, China. This unique hotel is currently under construction in Songjiang, Shanghai, from 50 kilometres of the city center.

The architecture of this hotel was inspired by the abandoned mine to blend in the surrounding landscape. The green tree covered roof and cascading waterfall (approx) natural provide amazing look to this hotel. The hotel's rooms located above the water at the top 18 floors provide private balconies that overlook the watery area. This hotel has two underwater levels offering premium guest rooms, restaurants, three-story aquarium, and a wellness complex with water sports facilities and pools.

Per Aquum Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Maldives is very beautiful island and hotel Huvafen Fushi is one of the best hotels in Maldives to get under water experience which will not let you down. Dine in incredible restaurants, snorkel one of the best house reefs in Maldives and when you feel it can't possibly get any better, then go and feel relax in the world's first underwater spa.

"Atlantis Hotel @ On the Palm Jumeirah Mo" (CC BY 2.0) by *_*
Atlantis The Palm Dubai, UAE.

If you want to live and experience the under water world in Dubai or looking for the best underwater luxury rooms in Dubai, then Stay in Atlantis Underwater Suite of Atlantis the palm hotel. Enjoy the breathtaking underwater views and experience over 65,000 marine inhabitants from your comfort room. Each Underwater rooms of Atlantis the palm hotel is equipped with an exquisite bathroom and complete transparent floor to enjoy the majestic underwater views

Resort World – Sentosa, Singapore

The Resort World hotel is located on the island of Sentosa in Singapore, offering 11 new Ocean View two-storey suites with its five-star facilities, but the biggest attractions are the enormous acrylic panels which provide a transparent window to experience more than 50,000 sea animals while swimming through the Sea Aquarium. The Duplex rooms also have a transparent bathtub, so that you can take a bath while looking at the sea life.

Future House Colony

The US government is building this hotel, which has been given the form of a colony. There is a machine engaged in this colony, because of which the house floats in the water. In this colony built in water, people cultivate and also can use animals. People working in this house are not humans, but robots.

The Cube hotel

This hotel is near an island in America. The popularity of this hotel can be estimated by the fact that 2 lakh people are already waiting for this hotel to stay. The rooms of this 5-star hotel are built in the cube's shape, from which you can enjoy the sea view.

Water Discus Hotel, Dubai

The bottom part of this hotel is inside the water. There are facilities like 221 bedrooms, restaurants and cinema halls and there is a football ground on top of it, which can be seen from your bedroom.

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