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Sawantwadi - A most beautiful village in Konkan

Sawantwadi is a small village located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra state. Sawantwadi is based on the Konkan coast, this beautiful hill station is a best place for your weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune. Situated above 690 meters of the sea level at the Sahyadri Mountains range, this hill station has occupies with lush green jungle, beautiful valleys, lakes, waterfalls and various tourist attractions with pleasant climate. A visit to this beautiful place provide some ideal refreshing retreat from the stressful city life.

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Things to do in Sawantwadi

1. Shopping in Sawantwadi

Sawantwadi is a town of wooden art. Here you can get lots of wooden made items, There is a local artifacts made by the people in the form of Ganjifa Art, Lace work, wooden crafts. The konkani cuisine is another famous attraction in Sawantwadi, here you can buy fresh Kokum Juice, spice mixes and dried fish. Sawantwadi is mostly famous for its wooden toys market. Here you can purchase wooden toy trains, wooden models of fruits and vegetables, wooden boxes, bracelets and many more at every shop's in the town.

2. Sawantwadi Palace

The Palace of Sawantwadi is based at the top of Narendra hills, it related to the Khem- Sawant families after which the village takes its name. This palace was built during 1755 to 1803. The ruling family still lives in the palace with current queen mother HH Satvashiladevi. The Queen takes keen interest in the development and survival of local art forms such as 'Ganjifa Art', woodwork painting, laser work which get us back to the 18th century. To train the new generation in there arts, workshops are conducted in these palace. For local and foreign tourists, it is a major attraction in this palace.

3. Moti Talao (Lake)

Nowdays, Moti Talao has became a symbol of Sawantwadi, this beautiful lake located front of the palace which was built in 1874. It is a pride of Sawantwadi. Tourists can take a ride of lake in pedal yachts or sit around Lake and enjoy the beautiful view of Moti Talao.

4. Raghunath Market

Raghunath market is very famous in Sawantwadi. This 150 year old market has been now changed into a modern market where you can experience the culture of Konkan from handicrafts to food. It is also known for its unique Konkani food products like Amla Juice, Azul, dried fish and kokum sharbat (juice).

5. Velagar Beach

Velagar Beach is located in shiroda, featuring natural beauty, bright blue waters, long stretch of sands, cool sea wind and very peaceful area where you can forgot all your stress. This beach is best destination for travelers which don't like crowded beach.

6. Tarekhol fort

Fort Tarekhol (also known as Fort Tiracol) is a fort in Goa, India. Located on the north side of Goa at the Tiracol River, it offers a stunning view of the sea, river and the Querem beach. You have to take ferry from Quebec, located 42 km north of panji to reach to the Tiracol fort. The name Tarekhol is derived from the Marathi word tir-khol meaning "steep river bank". Tarekhol fort was built by the King of Sawantwadi Khem Sawant Bhonsle in the 17th century.

7. Amboli Ghat

Amboli is a popular hill station located in Sawantwadi, southern Maharashtra, India. It located above 2,260 ft of the sea level, Amboli village is based in the beautiful range of Sahayadri Hills, here you can enjoy the waterfalls, amazing views of green landscape and many temples. This place is attracting many tourists from Maharashtra and Goa.


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