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Russia Tour | Best places to visit in Russia

Russia, is one fascinating country to visit. It is a country of great beaches, cold winter regions and many historical buildings. Its lovely cities are the most popular places to visit in Russia. Russia is a historical country, wherever you go in Russia, you will see the example of its huge history, from vicious battles to great literature and classical music. The visitors can see the examples of its magnificent art everywhere they go in Russia.

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1. Moscow
Moscow is a capital and one of the most important city of Russia. You can call it the heart of Russia too. There is so much to see in Moscow that you will be confused where to start and what to see. One of the Famous icons of Russia is Red Square, stately Kremlin, statues of most controversial leaders in 20th century Lenin and Stalin and St. Basil Cathedral. If you are fond of museums, then do not forget to visit State Historical Museum, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and Bolshoi Theater.

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2. Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg is known as the royal capital of Russia, because it is a magnificent city where many royal palaces and museums of Russia exist. This is Russia's second largest city, which has a lot of cultural and political significance. The town is also quite famous in terms of tourism, and a large number of tourists come here to celebrate their Holiday. Nevsky Prospekt is most famous place for shopping and dining street in the city.

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3. Golden Ring
The Golden Ring is the ring of cities located northeast of Moscow, this Picturesque countrysides filled with cherry quaint cottages, onion shaped domes, cherry orchards and magnificent churches which contain the oldest art of country make this region a special to visit. Golden Ring is one of the oldest regions in Russia, today this region is very famous with Russian tourists who want to experience a history of Russia. The Golden Ring formed eight old Russian towns on the north-east from Moscow: Suzdal, Vladimir, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Rostov Velikiy, Sergiev Posad and Pereslavl-Zalesskiy. The White stone churches, fortresses and monasteries are some other sights to see here.

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4. Kazan
The town of Kazan is older than Moscow in Russia, which was established in 1005. In addition to hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup, many sports events have already been organized in this city of Russia, due to which the city is also known as the Sports Capital of country. Kazan is also a city where European and Asian cultures meet together. The capital of Tatarstan is a beautiful city where tower of church and minarets fill the skyline. After Moscow and St. Petersburg, Kazan is the third capital of Russia where residents enjoy one of the highest standards of living. The main tourist attraction to see in Kazan is Kremlin, the Kul-Sharif Mosque and Bauman Street.

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5. Irkutsk
Irkutsk is the capital city of Eastern Siberia and the most famous stop of the Siberian Railway between Moscow and the east. One of the largest lake in Russia Lake Baikal is only 45 km away from it, the city is the perfect place to explore the western shoreline of the lake. Travelers who visit Irkutsk may be surprised by what they find. Decorated wooden houses, plus wide boulevards with less crowd. Irkutsk has the five universities, iconic churches, like Ascension Church, and many historical museums.

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6. Nizhny Novgorod
Russia’s fifth largest city Nizhny Novgorod based at the confluence of the Oka and Volga rivers. It is known for its 16th century Kremlin, ringed by 13 magnificent towers, with the Dmitrovskaya Tower. At one time, after Maxim Gorky who was born here, it was known as Gorky town. Here you can experience a great Russian art and architecture, with over 200 art museums, 600 monuments and statues, concert halls and many more.

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7. Vladivostok
Vladivostok, the last stop of Trans-Siberian railway is surrounded by beautiful Mountains and bays, which making it a stunning beautiful city in East Russia. It also the country’s largest port located on the Pacific Ocean. The city offers many attractions to see from theaters and museums to concerts. Travelers can visit the city’s beautiful parks Minny Gorodok and main square of the city Admiralsky Skver.

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8. Veliky Novgorod
Veliky Novgorod is one of the oldest cities in western Russia based on the Volkhov River, which founded in the 10th century. Top attractions to visit in this city is the 11th century Saint Sophia Cathedral, Bell Tower, the Hanseatic Fountain and it host many museums. Novgorod is a great place to shop bio-honey and eat borscht.

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9. Sochi
Sochi is a great winter sports destination and it hosted the 2014 Winter Olympic games. This city is also hosted the Russian Formula 1 Grand prix and the Football World Cup 2018. Despite winter snow, Sochi offers a subtropical climate with its beautiful beaches. The resort city of Russia makes a great summer and winter destination for tourists. The travelers may also visit to the Caucasus Biosphere Reserve. Sochi is also a home of tea plantations.

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10. Yekaterinburg
Yekaterinburg is a industrial city in Russia, based on the east of the Ural Mountains. This city is well known for its golden-domed Church. It was built in the early 21st century on the site of the Romanov executions. Today’s Yekaterinburg has a vibrant cultural city and home of many theaters, libraries and playwrights, and famous Russian rock bands. This 4th largest city of Russia also has over  30 museums, with the oldest wood sculpture in the world at the Shigir Collection.

Russia is very attractive and seems to be a magical country. If you are interested in roaming around Russia then you must go once there and visit these best places to make your journey memorable.

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