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Philippines Tour | Best places to visit in Philippines

The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country, which has more than 7,000 islands based in the Western Pacific. Manila is the capital city of Philippines, is well-known for waterfront promenade and historic Chinatown, Binondo. The Intramuros, city is a heart of Old Manila. It is a home of the 17th century San Agustin Church and Fort Santiago. It is very difficult to figuring out which island is best to visit in Philippines, because this country is divided into three main islands Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao which represent the different regions of the country.

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Boracay is a tiny island, located in the central Philippines. It's known as the beach capital of Philippines, because here are more than 12 beaches. Along the west side of island, White Beach is surrounded by coconut trees, bars and restaurants, Puka Beach is a favorite spot for shell collectors. On the east side of island, heavy winds make Bulabog Beach a center for water sports. Nearby, the Mount Luho offers panoramic views over the island with its observation deck.

"Chocolate Hills (Bohol, Philippines) (V" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by mendhak
Bohol is a island city based in the Visayas region of central Philippines. It comprises numerous smaller surrounding islands. The most unique natural wonders on this beautiful island is the Chocolate Hills in Carmen. This site is listed in UNESCO World Heritage, is a collection of 1,200 geological formations that turn brown in the summer season and it called the Chocolate Hills. This beautiful island is surrounded by the jungle's greenery. with a little cost, you can take a walk through the grounds and see the small nocturnal mammal.

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Cebu is a island in Central Visayas region of Philippines, it is considered as the best places to enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling in the country with more than 150 smaller surrounding islands and islets. Cebu is one of your best options to experience marine life, which get you up close to whale sharks, coral reefs, and turtles. The Sudlon National Park, situated an hour from the City, is amazing park for hikers. The greatest part of this city is its beautiful water and tourist attractions, like museums and cathedrals which displays the history of the city.

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Banaue is a 4th class municipality in the Ifugao province, Philippines. According to 2015 census, it's population is around 21,837 people. Banaue is famous region for the rice terraces, the beautiful green terraces are an agricultural wonder in this area. This rice terraces are protected by UNESCO world heritage sites, it provides a beautiful scenery which attracts lots of travelers to visit the city.

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Vigan is a historical city of Philippines located on the west coast of Luzon island. It's known for its well preserved Spanish and Asian architecture, which is a fusion of Chinese and Spanish influences. Take a horse ride through the streets and explore the 18th century colonial architecture of the Spanish and enjoy the beautiful view of the city from the Bantay Bell Tower, which is also a major landmark in the area. Also visit to the St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral, a perfect place to sit and watch the local culture, Plaza Salcedo, which offers a beautiful fountain light shows and Plaza Burgos, for enjoying the street foods.

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Manila is the capital city of Philippines, which also a densely populated city on the Luzon island. Here you can experience the modern skyscrapers with Spanish colonial architecture, a walled city in colonial times 'Intramuros', which is the heart of Old Manila. It’s also a home of the 16th century San Agustin Church and Fort Santiago. If you visit anytime to Manila, then don't forget to take ride in the colorful jeepneys, which is the main form of public transportation in Manila, to get a taste of local life. Plan to visit the Rizal Park, and 16th century San Agustin Church, enjoy the shopping at local public market at Quiapo Church.

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Sagada is a tribal town in the Cordillera Mountains, provides most unique experience which you can have in Philippines. This region is a paradise for the adventure lovers, where the steep mountains and high elevation helps to enhance the thrill and skill level which required for every adventurer. The main attractions to see in this area are the hanging coffins in Lumiang Cave, the limestone formations of Sumaguing Cave, enjoy the hiking at the highest mountain in the region Mount Ampaco, enjoy the natural swimming pool at Bomod-ok Falls and surrounding mountainside Rice terraces.

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Coron Island
Coron is a tropical paradise and the third-largest island in the Islands of Calamian, located in northern Palawan, Philippines. It is one of the top diving locations in the world with beautiful blue and green colored water. Here you can easily spend a week in this beautiful area. Also visit to the former volcano Barracuda Lake.

"Sunset In Baguio City - Mirador Jesuit V" (CC BY 2.0) by Jeff Pioquinto, SJ
Baguio, a mountainous region based in Luzon island, is called the City of Pines for its rich pine forests and surrounding cooler temperatures, it is mostly popular in summer season due to cooler weather. Baguio is a unique destinations from other in the Philippines, because the most of places in Philippines is surrounded by water expect this one. The main attractions in this region are Burnham Park, Baguio Cathedral and spend some time along Session Road, shops and in restaurants.

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Puerto Princesa
Puerto Princesa, based on Palawan Island is a coastal city of western Philippines. This city offers a rocky islands, caves, and natural parks, here you can also enjoy the boat rides through the huge limestone caves and underground river at the Subterranean River National Park, which is listed in UNESCO World Heritage sites. Some other attractions in this region are Ugong Rock famous for Caves and Honda Bay, popular for snorkeling, dolphins, turtles and rays.

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