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One mysterious lake in Tunisia - Lac de Gafsa

The lake in the desert of Tunisia is not less than any miracle. When you hear the name of any desert, you may have thoughts of sand, barren and heat, but we are telling you an incident where there was happen a miracle in the desert, which became a mysterious lake in the desert. This incident is not today, but years ago. Those who see this unique miracle of nature, considered as the greatest miracle of the world.

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Well, this world has lots of a miracles, but sometimes there are such miracles which believe in something similar to a dream. But let us tell you that there are some unique natural wonders from many years and these miracles attract lots of travelers around the world. Today, we are telling you about the miracle of a similar nature that happens sometime in centuries.

As you know, due to the geopolitical upheaval of the Earth, some mysterious and surprising events occur on this earth from time to time. A similar incident recently took place in the desert of Tunisia when the deserted overnight became a huge lake in the desolate desert. You might have been amazed to hear this, but this is true and it can be said as a miracle of nature.

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The reason for the formation of the lake is unclear, though geologists believe that this is a seismic process. Due to any disturbance or upheaval, water under the ground came to the surface. The rest will be fully realized only after the investigation. Earthquake, flood and landslide can change the geography of any place, but in the desert all these possibilities are less visible. So, the lake in this desert is not less than a miracle.

A few years ago, the local people named the lake as 'Lake de Gafsa'. The local administration has warned not to use its water. Officials have warned the locals that lake water can be harmful and poisonous to health, because when water came out, it was a clear blue color and later it turned into a dark green color. However, even after the administration's warnings, people are still approaching it. They are not able to stop themselves from enjoying the lake in the scorching heat of the desert.

According to the local administration, the size of the lake spread over a distance of one hectare could be one million cubic meters. At the same time, its depth can be from 10 to 18 meters. It is present in the Gafsa city of Tunisia. Here is the country's mining industry and the Gafsa city is the biggest place of phosphate mines.

This is not the only incident to get water out of the ground in this way. Due to geological changes since centuries, such miracles have come in the desert. Due to some geological activities in this process, water from the depths of the ground gets accumulated on the surface and takes the form of a pond.

In the geologic language, such ponds are called Guelta. Their biggest feature is that they never dry up, they continuously filled with water, which coming from the ground. One such Guelta is world's biggest desert resort. Whether the lake that is suddenly formed in the desert of Tunisia is a Guelta or not, it will only be known after investigation.

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