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Most dangerous airports in the world

In terms of long distance travel, Airplane is one of the the fastest and safest form of public transportation to reach your destination. The only problem is that the flat parts of the runway, which are not always available in some places, it means that the pilots should be especially expert or skilled to land on such runway which are situated in hill or narrow valley. Let's know about some of the world's most dangerous airports.

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Princess Julianna International Airport - Saint Maarten
Princess Julianna International Airport is considered as one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean Territory. The smallest runway of this airport is situated next to the beach, causing the aircraft to fly between 10 to 15 meters on the head of tourists who walking around the beach. The public beach which located just before the runway is also a very famous place in that area. The planes which land here or Fly from this airport often create a Strom like atmosphere with their strong and powerful wind suspension and many tourist come at this place only to feel that high pressure of air. For the pilots, it's very difficult process at the time of flying and landing the plane, because their least of mistake can enough to hitting visitors. The 2,179 metres runway of this airport is very short for the large aircraft landing which requires more than 2,500 meters runway for a safe landing. This airport was built for only smaller planes, But due to the increasing number of tourists the tourist industry has brought A340s and 747s airplanes to fulfill the regular traffic needs of these area.

"Sao Paulo Congonhas Airport" (CC BY 2.0) by Joao Carlos Medau
Congonhas Airport - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Congonhah Airport is one of the four commercial airports in Sao Paulo. Due to the position of slippery runway for the planes here, it is extremely dangerous to get into the rainy season.

"Gibraltar" (CC BY 2.0) by scotbot
Gibraltar International Airport 
Gibraltar International Airport is a most extreme airport situated between Morocco and Spain in Southern Europe. It is considered to be the most dangerous airport in Europe, this runway is not hard to landing or Flying the plane, but the main street in this area Winston Churchill Avenue is going from runway. So, when an aircraft arrives or leaves, the vehicles are stopped by stoplight on the road. But, there are numerous incidents happened in the airports history.

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Tenzing-Hillary Airport (Luka Airport) - Nepal
The Tenzing-Hillary Airport is named after Sir Edmund Hillary and it is the most dangerous airport of all time, with a very small runway of 460 meters located at an altitude of 2,900 meters. The Lukla Airport in Nepal is very important airport for those who visits Mt. Everest. This airport is very difficult to land, because it is based between the mountains with a very short length of the runway. In fact, the whole terminal is also very small. Although, There are no lights, so landing other than perfect conditions becomes very risky for everyone here. There are no air traffic controllers on site, so all depends on the pilots.

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Paro Airport in Bhutan, Himalayan Mountains
Paro airport in Bhutan is Continuously ranked in one of the most dangerous airports in the world and only few pilots are qualified to land on this runway. The runway is surrounded by 5,500 meter mountains and it only 1981 meters long.

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Madeira Airport, Portugal
Madeira Airport is one of the most dangerous airports in the world, where a runway platform is built to expand by engineers. The landing strip sits between the rocks and sea shore. pilots don't have enough space on the ground for landing, just when an expansion project was planned, the designers saw that there is only one option is to be extend the current runway by making series of platforms on an artificial island. This runway is standing on 180 columns, which has to face serious shock loading during the landing.

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