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Most craziest festivals celebrated around the world

Hello everyone, many types of festivals are celebrated around the world but some of them are most famous because of their uniqueness. I find out some of the craziest festivals celebrated around the world. So, let's know about them.

Boryeong mud festival, south Korea.
Boryeong mud festival is celebrated every year during summer in Boryeong, South Korea, In this festival people used to play mud games, mud baths and mud massages, and also a mud obstacle marathon along with music and competitions. which attracts many people around the world to watch and be a part of this festival.

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Baby jumping festival, Spain.
The yearly celebrated baby jumping festival is locally known as “El Colacho” which celebrated during the religious Catholic feast of Corpus Christi. In this festival the small babies are laid in the street and men dressed in traditional devil costumes started to jumping over them, it's very thrilling for onlookers, there people believed that, It is good for their child.

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Monkey buffet festival, Thailand.
The Monkey Buffet Festival is celebrated every year in Lopburi, Thailand. In 2007, the festival started giving vegetables and fruits to the local monkeys in Lopburi Province north of Bangkok. Now Over 4,000 kg of different Thai dishes are served to the monkeys near khmer temple during the monkey buffet festival.

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Battle of Oranges, Italy.
This festival is celebrated every year in the Ivrea city of northern Italy, where some organized groups celebrate the tradition of throwing oranges between the groups. It is largest food fight celebrated in Italy.

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Nyepi day, Bali.
Nyepi day is a "Day of Silence" that is celebrated every year according to the Balinese calendar. It is a Hindu celebration mostly celebrated in Bali, Indonesia. On this day, all peoples of Bali including the tourists are requested to follow some strict rules like No fire, No sound, No travel and no entertainment.

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The Thaipusam Festival, India
Thaipusam Festival, celebrated in Tamil Nadu, South India, is one of the most thrilling festivals in India that is celebrated by the Hindus in the months of January and February. In this festival you can experience the most intense body piercing known to man. According to the participants the more pain you gain, the more you will be blessed. Some people also try pulling truck or other heavy objects with hooks insert in their skin!.
La Tomatina, Spain
La Tomatina festival is organized in the Valencian town of Bunol in Spain. In which, the participants throw tomatoes on each other and nearby vegetable stall has turned out to be a part of the largest tomato fights in the world. This amazing festival of Spain celebrated every year in the small town of Bunol and over the course of about one hour, the town gets fully covered in tomatoes.

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Tomorrowland, Belgium
Tomorrowland is a music festival organized each year in Boom, Belgium. It was first held in 2005, and has since become one of the most largest and most famous music festival in the world. It quickly grown to one of the world’s largest Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festivals, every year more than 100,000 visitors come to Belgium to enjoy the music and dance at Tomorrowland.

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Running of the Bulls Festival, Spain
The Running of the Bulls is the traditional game of Spain, which held in Pamplona. during the nine day festival of Sanfermines in honour of Saint Fermin. It has now become a major global tourism event. Which is played to increase the adrenaline levels, It is a biggest event which is held every year from 6 to 14 July.

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Konaki Sumo, Japan
Konaki Sumo is a traditional festival of Japan held at the Sensoji Temple in Tokyo every year in April month, pairing up little babies with a sumo wrestler who will then try to get the little babies to cry. The two things included in this festival, sumo wrestler and lots of little babies. The wrestlers face off while holding the babies to see who will cry the first. In this festival, a man with the most baby friendly hand is declared as a winner!

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Carnival, Italy
Carnival or Carnevale is a traditional festival in Venice,Italy since 13th century. To become a part of this huge winter festival people come here from all around the world. The masks parties, parades, music, dance, eat and wear colourful dresses making it one of the best parties on the Earth. It is also celebrated in many other places around the world before 40 days of Easter.

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