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Most Amazing and Dangerous roads around the world For Road Trip

For many people driving is like a fun. They often go to their car to travel around the world, but some roads in the world are very dangerous and driving on that road is very risky for everyone. Despite being so dangerous, the peoples are still driving around there. Today we are going to tell you about such a few roads around the world, where the driving is not less than any challenge.

Image credit - Wikimedia
1. Nakoumi road, Japan
The construction of this road was completed in 2004, this road is built over the Japan's Nakoumi Lake. This road looks like a rollercoaster ride.

"Highway Pan American (1S) in Sechura Des" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by A. Duarte
2. Pan American Highway
It is also extremely fun to drive on the world's longest street pan American highway, which passing through the mountains. Driving on this road is no less than any adventure.

Image credit - Wikimedia
3. Cole de Turini, France
At this place you have to travel the 19-mile road. There are 34 hazardous turning points in the distance of about 1 km high, where there is a need to keep your eyes on the road, your small mistake can prove to be fatal.

Image credit - Wikimedia
4. Guoliang Hanging Tunnel Road, China
This road linking the rural areas to the major cities, which are enough to stop your heartbeat. The adventure lovers can enjoy a lot of driving on these winding roads.

Image credit - Wikimedia
5. Bagdogra to Gangtok, India
This winding road of Bagdogra to Gangtok also offers you a very amazing and adventurous road trip experience. The roads are very dangerous, so take only experienced driver with you when you travel on this road.

Image credit - Wikimedia
6. Passage Du Gois, France
This 4.3 km long road connecting the France to the nomadic island areas. This road passes over the sea and has to drive above the water. This road appears only 2 times a day, is covered with sea water whole day. Just think how dangerous it would be to drive on this road!.

Image credit - Wikimedia
7. Tibet Hill Road
If talking about the highest road, it is present in Tibet. This is a tallest road in Tibet which 13 km long and 6080 meters high.

"Narrow Gorge" (CC BY 2.0) by D-Stanley
8. Israeli Road
The lowest road is located on the Israeli coast of Dead Sea, 393 meters below sea level. This road is one of the most dangerous road to drive in Israel.

Image credit - Wikimedia
9. Filbert Street, St. Francisco
In the list of sloppy roads, the name of Filbert Street of Russian Hill in St. Francisco comes at the top. Its slope is 31.5 percent, where the driving is not less than fun.

Image credit - Pixabay
10. Atlantic Road, Norway
The passing of Atlantic Road in Norway is not less than any dangerous journey. This most risky 5.2 miles road was started in 1986, which was constructed as 64 country road. Atlantic Road connects many islands in the sea of ​​Norway.

Image credit - Wikimedia
11. Yungas Road (Death Road), Bolivia
Yungas road also known as ‘Death Road’ because of its notoriously high death rate. This winding road is surrounded by terrifying precipices and mountainous terrain and terrifying precipices stretches around 69kms from La Paz to Coroico, linking the Amazon rain forest to the capital city.

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