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Morocco Tour | Best places to visit in Morocco

It is hardly don't like anyone to travel and when it comes to the traveling with friends who wants to miss the chance. While traveling, you not only get a opportunity to experience new adventures but can also be enjoyed it too. So if you are planning to travel around the world with friends and want go to a place other than US, UK and Australia, where you can relax and explore the city and its nightlife as well, then this article is for you.

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In such a way, you can fulfill all your wishes by visiting Morocco in Africa. In Morocco, you get many options to roam around from party to try different types of adventure sports trials. It is said that nightlife is excellent in foreign countries, so if you also want to take advantage of its experience then Blue city Chaouen will definitely best option for your trip in Morocco, which can always memorable for ever. Due to being around Europe, the Moroccan city's culture has a mixture of both Arab and European. Fes City, Marrakesh City and Asilah are great places to roam in Morocco.

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Fes City
One of the oldest and most beautiful cities of Morocco. Where you will find samples of many old and unsurpassed buildings. If you are interested in learning about architecture, then definitely visit Mekness. There you will get a lot to see and learn.

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The city is located at the bottom of the Atlas Mountains, the royal city of Marrakesh is full of   historical things. There's a lot to see and do in Marrakesh. Attractions like, the Djemma El-Fna central square, the Tombs of  Saadian, El Badi Palace and the bustling markets. For the best experience in Marrakesh, definitely consider to staying within the city's traditional Riads "medina walls".​

"Playa de las cuevas, Asilah" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by И. Максим
Asilah city
The city of Asilah is painted with cobalt blue color. For Vaastu and art lovers, this place is not less than any Paradise. The big walls and forts made by the Portuguese work to enhance the beauty of this place. To reach here you will find buses and trains easily. Asilah is a best place to Relax and walk around. The city is also famous for sea food.

"Kasbah Tamadot and High Atlas, Morocco" (CC BY 2.0) by juliamaudlin
High Atlas
High Atlas is the highest point in Morocco, also called as the Grand Atlas Mountains located in central Morocco, North Africa. High Atlas rises at the Atlantic Ocean in the west and spreads to the Moroccan-Algerian border in the eastern direction. This place is the perfect destination for mountain hikers and skiing.

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Rabat is the capital city of Morocco, obviously its beauty and texture will also be special. Come here to see the famous and special Sahara Desert, this place will definitely gives you very memorable moments of your life. Rabat town is located across the shore of Bouregreg River and the Atlantic Ocean, It's known for its French-colonial and Islamic heritage, like the Kasbah of the Udayas. The Berber-era royal fort in Rabat is surrounded by French designed parks and overlooks the ocean.

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Merzouga is a small Moroccan desert town based on the shore of Erg Chebbi, a charmed sea of wind blown Sahara's sand dunes. It is the perfect place to get a taste of Bedouin life. Camel rides are the most authentic and enjoyable way to explore the surrounding areas. On the west of Merzouga, Dayet Srji is a seasonal salt lake which often dry in summer. When this lake is full of water, it attracts a large range of migratory birds, including desert warblers, Egyptian nightjars and flamingos.

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