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Lonar Lake - A lake formed by the collision of meteorite

India has so many secrets and some geographical conditions, which are very confusing for every geologists and scientist. One such place is Lonar Lake. Every year lots of tourist and researchers come here from around the world come to see this Lake.

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Lonar Lake is a lake of salt water, located in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra state.

Many scientists believe that this lake is made up of the collision of the meteor mass.

Its salty water indicates that sometimes there was a sea.

This lake was made after the collision of about one million tonnes of meteorite.

The depth of this meteoric lake is about 1.8 km diameter and depth is approximately five hundred meters.

Many Scientist and researchers from across the globe are still doing research on the water of this lake.

The water of this lake changes from time to time and it is still a mystery about why these changes happen, and many scientists are trying to find this secret.

After colliding with the earth, the meteorite was broken into three parts and he made a lake in two other places besides the Lonar Lake. Although, the other two lakes have completely dried, but water still exists in Lonar.

In the year 2006, there was strange thing happened in the Lonar Lake, the water of the lake suddenly ended up as a steam.

The local people had seen some small crystals of salt and other minerals in the lake instead of water.

It can be estimated from the fact that this lake is so old that it is also mentioned in the Padma Purana and Ain-e-Akbari. It was mostly known after 1823 when the British officer J. E Alexander visited here.

Image credit - Wikimedia
How to reach to the Lonar Lake

By Air
Aurangabad is the nearest airport to Lonar Lake. It is 157 km away from Lonar. You can use cab to reach from the airport to Lonar Lake.

By Rail
Jalna is the closest railway station to Lonar, which is 90 km away. You can take a bus or cab to reach there.

By Road
From Aurangabad and Buldhana, you can easily get the state and private buses for Lonar lake. In case, if you miss the bus, then you can also take a cab.

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