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How much fuel does the airplane used for one kilometer!?

Everyone often travel in cars and bikes that take you from one place to another. For this you will need some fuel. There will be many people around the world which are not sitting in airplanes till date. In such a case, it would be so exciting too to know how much fuel used in the airplane for every kilometer.
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If we talk about the airplane, then they consume about 4 liters of fuel in 1 second, yes it's true. Airplane consumes 4 liters of gasoline in just 1 second. Unbelievable!

If the plane runs for a hour then it will need 150000 liters of fuel and to cross 1 kilometer distance, the plane requires approximately 12 liters of fuel. An Advantage here is that 465 passengers can travel together at the same time, and if we count the total fuel conservation of every passenger, then it go for 0504 liters for each passenger. Airplanes spend about 4 liters of fuel per second. If talk about the Boeing 747, then it consume 240 liters of fuel for a 1 minute journey.

As we know if the flight is 10 hours then the plane will need 150000 liters of fuel. If you've ever traveled by plane, you might have noticed that when the plane is standing on the runway, that time a small cable is connected to the plane. Most people think that the fuel will be being filled in the plane, but this is not at all. He supplies electricity to a ground power unit and CPU system of the plane. Because when the plane is on the runway, that time, two engines of the plane are closed, due to which the engine of plane can not generate electricity. That's why it is connected to the external electricity unit.

The fuel tank of the plane is actually in the middle of the plane and in their two main wings or tail wings. The fuel tank is so big which divided into smaller parts. All those small 10 tanks are connected to each other through the holes.

It is very important to balance the amount of fuel in both wings of the plane equally, if the fuel is reduced in any tank then the other tank will fill the fuel in it through the fuel hole to keep it in equal balance. Amazing engineering!

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Did you know that :-

In some important Airlines, most pilots and copilots are not allowed to eat the same food to avoid the possibility of food poisoning.

The amount of fuel that carries by a Boeing 767-400 is enough to fill around 1,400 minivans.

The commercial pilots and flight attendants are paid only for the number of hours they fly.

All international airline pilots speak English, because english is the international language of flight. So, all commercial pilots who fly on international flights are compulsory to speak English.

The costs of one windshield of a Boeing 747-400 cockpits is similar to a brand new BMW.


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