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Golden Bridge - Vietnam | Destination Bucket

Are you ever seen a bridge which is not on a pillar but only on two hands! No, so you must see this unique beauty once. This unique bridge of Vietnam is at the top of the tourist list all over the world.

Image credit - wikipedia
The famous Golden Bridge of Vietnam which hinges on two hands is believed to be one of the world's most unique and weird structures. In June this bridge has been opened for the common people. It is 150 meters long and is at an altitude of 1400 meters (about 4600 feet) above the sea level. You can see the beautiful view of Ba Na Hill from over the bridge. It has been prepared in about a year. During the French rule, Ba Na Hills used to be beautiful tourist destination in the 20th century.

This area have similar houses and gardens to the French villages. There is a 5.8-km cable car track too. Once, It was the longest and tallest track in the world. The Golden Bridge's initial design was prepared by TA Landscape Architecture.

During the colonial occupation of Vietnam, The Ba Na Hills was a popular getaway for the French. This area attracted over 2.7 million visitors last year, according to the administration of Vietnam National Tourism. But, the Golden Bridge with its huge two stone-colored human hands attracting lots of visitors nowadays. That two giant hands look like a real and offering a majestic views of the surrounding Ba Na Hills

The gold colored bridge is extends for almost 150 metres and lined with purple Lobelia Chrysanthemums. Curving around in an smooth design, But it's big sculpted hands that give amazing look to it. Vietnam has experienced a tourism boom with its unique and attractive design. This structure is part of $ 2 billion investment, which attract more than 1.5 million visitors annually in the area.

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