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Experience the unique water ride with bamboo Rafting

If you have enjoyed fun of rafting only in Rishikesh (India), then there is one another place where the rafting experience will be completely different from Rishikesh. A river flowing in the middle of beautiful green forest, is a sight of Bamboo rafting in Periyar Tiger Reserve or also called as Periyar national park. Bamboo rafting is a part of Nature Walk. In this, you can experience a very different water ride in the river with bamboo boat.

Image credit - Wikimedia
Bamboo rafting
Here you can enjoy beautiful scenes of nature in the morning from 8 a.m. These place is also best  for photography. To reach at this park you have to be tracking for a while in dense forests. Believe it, you will not feel any exhaustion during this trekking, but you will agree to do it.

The 3 hours of bamboo rafting is not only offers a very unique adventure, but also give some knowledge and memorable experience. The sound of Birds with beautiful scenes of lush green forest make your journey even more beautiful and do not forget to bring the camera with you, because the photographs are enough to tell the beauty of this place. Rafting closes after 5 p.m in the evening. Here you can see the colorful butterflies, birds, elephants, monkeys and deer while rafting. The Periyar Tiger Reserve in the Western Ghats is a spot of very large and dense bio-diversity.

Image credit - Wikimedia
Rules of Rafting
A Bamboo Ride has about 10 tourists, one armed forest guard and four guides. Most of guides are comes from the tribal community, who know about the forests and everything around here, you can get a lot of knowledge from them. Therefore, they have also been made a part of the eco development project started by the government.

Facilities provided during rafting
The breakfast is also served to the tourist, while rafting. Apart from bread, jam, fruits, tea and snacks, lunch is also available. If you want to spend some time in the nature, then the rooms made of Bamboo are also available here. Where you can get a unique experience of nature and wildlife. Apart from this, there is also a Aranya residence of Kerala Tourism Development Corporation which provides Hotel and Resort to the tourists with all facilities.

"bamboo rafting" (CC BY 2.0) by prufrock27
How to reach
Railway - The nearest railway station is Kottayam, which is located at a distance of 114 km from Thekkady (location of the Periyar National Park)

Air - Madurai Airport of Tamil Nadu is 136 km away from it and Nedumbassery Airport of Kochhi is 190 km away.

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