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Borneo Tour | Most amazing things to do in Borneo

Borneo, third biggest island in the world located in Malay Archipelago, Southeast Asia. It shares the Malaysian states Sabah and Sarawak, Indonesian Kalimantan and the little nation of Brunei. It’s mostly known for its beautiful beaches and history, rainforest and wildlife. The island’s highest peak is 4,095m tall Mount Kinabalu, and there is also a beautiful dive site Sipadan Island.
"Mantanani Island Sabah Borneo" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Eddie Yip
If you want to experience the humid fecundity of a real rainforest, Borneo can fulfil your wildest dreams. Borneo is perfect place for adventure and nature lovers. Deforestation is a bad news, but significant parts of the Bornean rainforests are preserved by conservation projects whose viability depends on income from tourists.

Things you can do in Borneo

1. Swim with turtles in Sipadan
Enjoy Swimming with large hawksbill turtles at Sipadan, Borneo. Not just turtles, here you can also drift across the shallow reef plateau on the eastern end of this small secluded island, and you will be surrounded by many batfish and beautiful yellow snappers clouds. Enjoy swimming in the deep clean waters and there you will also meet jacks, barracuda and tuna.

2. Climb South East Asia’s highest mountain
The Mount Kinabalu is a highest mountain in borneo, located above 4,095m from the sea level between Himalayas and New Guinea. This is the most accessible, well maintained routes, and the world's highest through Ferrata. There are 1,200 varieties of orchids growing here in very cool climate. It is also a home to the smallest frogs like the size of your fingernail, but, it's very difficult to spot them.

3. Head up river
The strongest Kinabatangan River serves as a route in Borneo. Here you can see pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys and traditional tribes of people. Ride the river at dawn and dusk, live in a bamboo house at Sukau or Abai Village and eat the tasty food. Go for night out in the jungle with a local guide, whatever things you'll experience in this jungle you have never seen before.

Image credit - pxhere
4. Make music in the rainforest
In Borneo rainforest, Sarawak cultural village shows and preserves the life and culture of the local tribes of Borneo. This is also the place of annual Rainforest World Music Festival, this is a three day program which attracts more than 24,000 people. Here you will also get a chance to explore local people's life, learning about many tribes' customs, dances, and music, surrounded by traditional long houses on the foot of Mount Santubong.

5. Picnic with the Penan
If you are looking for a real experience in the woods with locals, then this is amazing place for you. The Pennen, actually a truly frightening tribe at once time, here you can know how to survive with the forest. You have to take a light plane to Long Lellang and a boat ride in a dug-out canoe to reach deep in the rainforest. Here you can know about how jungle provides daily needs to its inhabitants with water, food, shelter and those comforts such as rattan made baskets and bracelets, and even bamboo made musical instruments. The place is amazing and also the guides are very knowledgeable.

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