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Angel Falls - One of the world's highest waterfalls in Venezuela

Angel Falls is world's highest waterfall in Bolivar State, Venezuela, which is 979 m (3,212 ft) in height and depth is 807 m (2,648 feet). This waterfall falls from the Auyan Tepui Mountains in the Canaima National Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional Canaima). This waterfall is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Gran Sabana region of Venezuela.

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The height of the waterfall is so high that the vapor is formed before the water falls reaches the ground or carried away in the form of mist by the strong wind. The base of this angle falls is linked to the Kerep river, which meets the Churun River. The highest point of the falls reaches 979 meters (3,212 ft), with water falling from a height of 807 meters. At the base, it is 500 feet (150 metres) wide. This waterfall is surrounded by dense forest and you can see the best view of this waterfalls only from the air. Sometimes, a visitor can also feel the small water drops at a distance of one kilometer. It is also called as a Kerepakupai meru or Tuluma Bena by locals.

In the twentieth century it was mostly known as "Angel Falls", named after Jimmy Angel, the first American pilot to pass above the waterfall from the airplane. Its common Spanish name is "Salto Angel", which originated from English. In 2009, President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez announced the intention to change its name to the "Kerepakupai Meru" Which means "waterfall of the deepest place", The President thought was, the name of country's most famous landmark should be indigenous. President Chavez said about the interpretation of the name change, "It is indigenous property of our country. Although, later he confirms that he would not order the change of its name, but he was only protecting the use of Kerepakupai Meru.

"Venezuela - Angel Falls" (CC BY 2.0) by melenama
This waterfall is ten times taller than most famous waterfalls Iguazu Falls in South America. The most interesting thing about this waterfall is, It was discovered accidentally by American pilot aviator Jimmy Angels after his plane crashed there.

This waterfall is sometimes referred to as the Churun-Meru, which means "roaring waterfall", but, this name is used in Canaima National Park for another waterfall. Sometimes, mostly during rainy seasons the waterfall splits into two waterfalls. Angel Falls are 15 times taller than Niagara Falls. Despite its location and difficulty to reach, this place is one the major tourist attractions in Venezuela.

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