Saturday, 18 August 2018

Amazing Floating village | Venice of Africa

There are many such floating restaurants in the world that attracts everyone to visit. But today, we are going to tell you about the world's most beautiful floating village. Yes, restaurants, houses and shops all float above the water in this unique village. Actually, this beautiful village was built by people so that they did not have to do slavery. But now, this village is became a tourist attraction and the tourists are coming from far away to see this village.

Image credit - Wikimedia
This unique village name is Ganvie which located in ​​Benin, West Africa, has a population of around 20 thousand people and most people live in the center of the nokoue lake. It is the largest village in the world situated on the lake, the people of tofinu community decided to settle down here for their safety. The tribe of the name of phone wanted to make these people their slaves, but for religious reasons they could not enter in the water. That's why they did not make the Tofinu  community slaves. After this the tofinu community made a village on this lake.

The houses, shops and restaurants in this village are all made of such wood, which floats easily over the water. A floating market is also installed on this lake. Although these people also have a small piece of land that they themselves have prepared, but the people of this village have built a school for their children at that piece of land.

"Shia Mosque at Ganvie" (CC BY 2.0) by D-Stanley
This floating village is also famous by the name of Venice of Africa. People of this village do fishery. In 1996, Ganvie village was included in UNESCO World Heritage List. The village based at few miles from the nearest shoreline and about a 4 hour from the capital city. Boats are rented out here for a trip to Lake. Due to its unique culture, this village became very famous as a popular tourist place.

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