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Why Japan is so successful Country?

"Chureito Pagoda - Fujiyoshida-shi, Japan" (CC BY 2.0) by Giuseppe Milo (

Japan is a country of approximately 6,900 islands, located in the Pacific Ocean with dense cities, royal palaces, mountains, national parks and thousands of temples and shrines. 73% of the Japan is mountainous, but, most of the people live on the shoreline, it is one of the highly populated countries in the world. Shinkansen bullet trains connect the important islands of Kyushu, Honshu and Hokkaido (well known for skiing). Tokyo city is the capital of Japan and it mostly famous for shopping, pop culture and skyscrapers. Japanese people speak Japan as "Nippon" or "Nihon".

"The Great Buddha of Kamakura (Daibutsu)" (CC BY 2.0) by Ray in Manila

Shinto and Buddhism are two main religions in Japan. The main Japanese religion is Shinto while Buddhism was came from China in the 6th century. In Japan, 39% of Japanese people are Buddhist, 2.3% Christian and 3.9% are Shinto.

"Sanja Matsuri" (CC BY 2.0) by Yoshikazu TAKADA


The New Year's celebration is the largest holiday in Japan. Matsuri is celebrated during spring and summer, it is celebrations for the gods of the land and sea. Every city holds its own Matsuri, and these festivals are widely celebrated in Japan and attended by all.

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In Japanese culture sports play very significant role. judo karate and Sumo are the traditional Japanese sports and rugby, soccer and baseball have been adopted from Western  cultures. The national sport of Japan is sumo and new sumo was formed during the Edo era and little has changed since. Soccer is the most viewed and Baseball is the most played sport in the country. Baseball was firstly  introduced in the 1872 and it has grown in popularity ever since.

The Japanese peoples are mostly like to eat fish. It is the largest fish importer in the world, Japanese people consuming around 12% of the world's caught fish. Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish and it includes seaweed, fresh fish and rice. Japanese also eat beef, chicken and pork as part of their daily dishes.

Hard Work
Everyone know that the Japanese are very hard working. The employees average work hours in Japan is 2450 hours per year and it is very high as compared with others, like United States (1957 hours per year), Germany (1870 hours per year), UK (1911 hours per year) and France (1680 hours per year).

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Japan is not the nation of inventors, but the Japanese people perfect in findings the creative ways to the market in form of a demand by the public. The assembly techniques of Four wheeled vehicles are not created by Japanese, the patent of this technique is owned by the United States. But Japan have ability to develop vehicle assembly industry with their own innovation which is more faster and cheaper.

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In Japan, children are trained to be independent since their early age. Childrens in Kindergarten (Yochien) must carry 3 large bags of Bento (lunch pack), clothes, books, shoes, towels and a large water bottle that hang on their neck. Every child in Yochien be trained to carry their own baggage, and is responsible for his own. They used work on part time basis to pay their college fees and spend on everyday life. If for some reason the money runs out, they borrow money from their parents that they will return back later.

The Spirit
Japan has faced a lots of troubles, whether it become the atom bomb disaster, tsunami or the non-stop earthquakes. This country gives a living example of how a unity of nation can lead it to the top in each field. The amazing spirit of this country is appreciable and the world must realize what sets this country and its people apart from the others.

These factors bring out why Japan has more successful country and also it is a great inspiration for the whole world.

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