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These strange things are banned in different countries

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1. Australia - Women With "Small" Breasts Featuring pornography
Some political members of Australia thought that, the pornography featuring women with small breasts would motivate pedophilia. The Government has banned small breasts in adult content on the basis that they may look underage. The Censorship Board of Australia (ACB) announced that "if any publication contains aggressive details of persons under the age of 18, then they should be classified as RC (Rejected Classification).

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2. Burundi - Jogging
In Burundi, jogging can create a big issue for you, So be careful when you visit this place, jogging is a good exercise to get out your energy and it helps for living healthy life with protection from dangerous militias. However, since 2014, the president Pierre Nkurunziza, banned these, by claiming that they may be used as cover for people to make subversive things and lots of people have been jailed for taking part in group running.

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3. Turkmenistan - Lip-Synching
Yes, lip synching is totally banned in Turkmenistan, Unfortunately, on many television shows and also in live concerts shows have been seen that the voiceless singers do not sing a songs they are just lip-synching their songs. That's why the country was banned lip synching. In 2005, the President of Turkmenistan,  Saparmurat Niyazov banned lip-synching in order to protect the "true culture."  Also banned opera and ballet.

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4. China - Reincarnation Without Government Permission
In 2007, the Chinese government passed a new law on the "Management Measures for Reincarnation of Living Buddhas", which take effect from September 1, that everyone who want to be Reincarnation of Living Buddha must get approval from the government by filling complete application and submit it to the government agencies for approval. Without proper government permission, Reincarnation is illegal for everyone in China.

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5. United States - Kinder Surprise candy eggs
Yes, that delicious chocolate treats with a little toy in the middle are banned in United States. Kinder Surprises are most popular chocolate eggs in many parts of the world, but these chocolate are banned in the United States. This chocolate eggs are banned since 1930s because of disturbing both regulations Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The non nutritive components found in this chocolate and that any food items with a ‘non-nutritive object embedded’ is strictly illegal in United States.

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6. Iran - Ponytails on Men
Ponytails is latest fashion of hairstyle, we can see many people with these hair style everywhere in the world, but not in Iran.
The government of Iran released a list in 2010, in which they listed a proper hairstyles for men, which prohibited ponytails, spiky hair style, and mullets in the country.

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7. Singapore - Chewing Gum
The chewing gums are banned in Singapore since 1992, when someone stopped the public transportation system using chewed gum.     government banned the import or sale of chewing gum in the country, but in 2004, some exception is made for therapeutic, dental or nicotine chewing gum, which can be bought from a registered pharmacist. This ban made the people impossible to buy chewing gum in the country.

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8. The Philippines: Claire Danes
Claire Danes not only banned in the Philippines, but also in the capital city of Manila in the late 90s. After returning to the states she gave several interviews about Manila in which she described the conditions in the city, where she was filming a movie, she said It just smelled like cockroaches,” and there is no any sewage system. people with like no legs, no arms, no eyes, no teeth, Rats were everywhere. In other interview, she called the city “ghastly and weird”. Because of this, the city council of Manila ban on all movies starred by her. The city council passed a resolution, 23 to 3, to ban this actress from the city and stop her films playing in its movie theatres until she made a public apology. The country’s president Joseph Estrada supported this and said “She should not be allowed to come here.

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9. India - Alcohol / Cigarettes Advertisements
In 1920s, the Indian government placed a ban on all types of alcoholic advertisements on television. Many alcohol companies have tried to get around the ban by promoting their products using surrogate advertising with the brand name of their alcohol like Bacardi Blast music CD's, Bagpiper club soda, although some of those advertisement have come under fire from the government.

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10. France - Red Bull
The energy drink Red Bull was banned in the country, This French ban was made on the basis of food and nutrition laws which specify Caffeine has been used in maximum quantity in products. But after twelve year since 2008, the France has ended a ban on the sale of Red Bull energy drink in its original formula. Until now, The company was selling a slightly modified version of the drink without the taurine, one of the key ingredients.

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11. South Africa - Photos of the President's House
The South African government declared that it was banning the taking and publishing of images of the President Jacob Zuma's house, but most of newspapers ignored the ban and published photos of the house, then government of South Africa has warned that media centers for publishing photographs of President Jacob Zuma's house. The state security minister of South Africa, Siyabonga Cwele said that "No one, are allowed to take pictures and publicise images of President's house." This ban has a long running controversy over Zuma's house in Nkandla, in the KwaZulu Natal province. It's a big compound, with a small football ground, gym, helipads and many more.

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12. North Korea - Blue Jeans
Many people wear blue jeans almost everywhere across the world, expect this country. Yes, wearing blue jeans is illegal in North Korea and there are a strict punishments are applicable for doing this.
Not black jeans only blue jeans are illegal in North Korea. Because the Blue color is associated with the United States, so North Korea banned them.

Internet access is also banned in North Korea. Only allowed to access for some high-level officials and some educational institutions. Citizens can use only the country's own Kwangmyong intranet.

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