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Raigad Fort - First choice of every trekkers in Mumbai & Symbol of pride for the Marathas

Raigad is a fort on the hill located in the Mahad, Raigad district of Maharashtra state, India. This fort was built by Raje Chandraraoji more of Jawli later Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj take the fort and made it his capital in 1674 when he was crowned as the King of a Maratha kingdom which later developed into the Maratha Empire, eventually covering lots of western and central India. The Raigad fort is placed in the Sahyadri Hills range, above 2,700 ft from the sea level. There are approximately 1737 steps leading to the fort. The Ropeway is also exists to reach you to the top of the fort in 10 minutes. The fort was robbed and destroyed in 1818 after captured by British.

The British government named it as the Gibraltar of the East as this well formed structure on the top of the hill had defied from various attackers. It has several entrance gates Nagarkhana Darwaja, Mena Darwaja, Maha Darwaja and Palkhi Darwaja. There was also a idol of Shivaji build in front of the ruins of the main market route that leads to his own Samadhi and that of his beloved dog.

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The Raigad fort is a great pride for the Marathas and record to their glorious past. it is a reminder of the bravery and spirit of the Marathas. This fort is an area of honor which holds the mark's of the epic vision of Hindavi Swarajya as adored by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

The grand fort is reachable only from one side through a walkway as the other 3 sides are enclosed by deep valleys. 1737 steps ready to  leads you to the top of the fort where a spectacular view of the surrounding verdant and deep valleys will blow away your mind. Raigad Fort is like a paradise not only for a history lovers but, adventure lovers also. A four minute ropeway amidst the whizzing winds and clouds is completely refreshing. Also, there are restaurants at the base serving you testy Maharashtrian food. Nowadays, most of the parts of Raigad Fort are in ruins, but the fort still boasts the brave history of Marathas.

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For anyone who likes trekking, Raigad fort is a favourite destination of trekkers in Maharashtra. The fort of Raigad is Situated at around 150 KMs from Pune and coupled with some bad roads. It takes at least 4 hours to reach at this place from Pune. From Mumbai Raigad is located at a distance of around 104 km. You will take about one and half hour to reach to the top of the Raigad Fort. Raigad trek is also suitable for a two day trek with a camping at night. There are many shelters are available where you can stay at night. There are stays in the MTDC resorts also available on the fort.

Things you need to Carry for the Trekking at Raigad Fort.

• Identity Proof
• water bottle (Minimum 2 Ltrs),
• Windcheaters
• Trekking shoes
• Plates
• Mug
• Spoon
• Camera
• Cap
• Some ready to eat food
• Biscuits
• Sleeping Bag
• Please don't take Gold and other ornaments
  with you
• Extra Pair of clothes


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