Saturday, 28 July 2018

Most terrifying place to visit in China - The Bridge of Glass

Some people are very amateur in adventure that's why they like to go to the mountains, If you also have a passion for adventure, then today we will tell you about a bridge where you can fulfill your hobby and get out of your fear inside. This bridge built in China at a very high altitude, under which there is a deep gap and this is the main cause of fear and adventure of people. You might want to run away from this, if you are afraid of heights, because this bridge in China is your worst nightmare going to come true. This bridge of glass is attached 1,403 metres up the side of a mountain is enough to scare. Although many people do trekking to reach this point, but nowadays this bridge has become an adventure for the travelers. If you are thinking of doing some adventures then you can fulfill your dream by visiting this bridge. Let's know what's so special in this Glass Bridge.

Tianmen Glass Bridge
Image credit -  wikipedia
This Glass bottomed transparent Bridge is built for a tourist attraction, which is based around 4,600 feet above the sea level and Built over Tiananmen Mountain, this bridge is 100 meters long and 1.6 meters wide. In order to create the thrill for people, 1077 transparent mirrors have been used to create this bridge, whose weight is approximately 70 thousand kilograms. The biggest feature of this bridge is that the bridge start swinging when you reach center of it. The company believes its swing motion will attract more visitors to come here.

You can experience the beautiful view of the valley of Tiananmen Hill, from this glass bridge. While walking on this bridge, the glass starts to crack down when people run away. But, it is a virtual joke that makes people's trip more adventurous. The Glass Bridge has made with the two strips of glass on top of one. When people walk on it then the glass starts cracking and starts to swing, but it does not break.

Over 34 million USD has been spent to make this bridge. About 8 thousand people are allowed to see this bridge every day. There is large amount of people come here to take selfie on this glass bridge and to enjoy this adventurous bridge.

The cable cars are available there which connects to the Glass Bridge. CNY35 is rate for one way ticket. The upper terminal cable car is located only 10 minutes’ walk distance from the Glass Bridge.

Its better to book your ticket in advance from the official website, there are no any ticket is sold on the spot. The tickets are available 1day to 2 months from the date of visit. But you are advised to book it as soon as possible, especially during the peak season. To book tickets and enter in the amazing site, valid ID certificates like passports are required.

Some important things you need to know before you visit Glass Bridge. 

1. If the weather is bad then the bridge can be closed.

2.  Every visitors of the bridge must wear a pair of shoes cover. Which you Can get for free at the entrance to the bridge.

3.  While walking on the bridge, all visitors can only allowed to bring one cell phone with cover and small size bag such as purse or waist bag. You can leave your other luggage in the luggage office. Service Charges for luggage is CNY 5 per pieces of small bags and CNY 10 per pieces of big bags.

4. Please don't wear High heels or metal spiked shoes, because that are not allowed on the bridge.

5. Don't stand against the rail or jump over the bridge.

6. Those who have physical problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and acrophobia are not recommended to walk on the bridge and also drunk visitors are not allowed. 


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