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Know these things before visiting Maldives

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The Maldives is the best place for your dream holidays, this location gives you some peace and relief from your everyday life to enjoy on an exotic beautiful island. You realize, the destinations that can not live up on your expectations of splendor. nicely, we discovered out that the loopy thing about the Maldives is, this vacation spot does. This place in reality looks precisely like those images floating throughout your display, bright sun, obvious blue lagoons, low waters with baby sharks and rays, and white sand seashores that stretch out into nothing but miles and miles of turquoise waters and blue skies.

There are a few surprising things you simply might not realize about this South Asian island. whether or not you have got a trip within the works you will need to know those 10 facts about the Maldives before you go.

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1. This place is a combination of 2,000 small islands.

Yep, It's true. The Maldives is made from around 1,190 person islands, peppered throughout the Indian Ocean, simply underneath India and Sri Lanka. a few are so small that you will have to zoom in on your Google map earlier than you even notice they are there.

2. All islands are not inhabited.

In Maldives, nearly 26 different collections of islands out of that 2,000 island only about 200 are actually inhabited by people. these include islands with 12 months round, permanent populations residing in the likes of farming and fishing villages. Empty islands are used for farming or industry, or as "picnic" islands for resorts, which tourists can visit for the day for personal enjoyment.

3. All islands are not natural.

Most of the islands in the Maldives were formed by way of volcanoes and that most of the islands themselves are the tippy tops of what is left of the volcanic islands. some islands are actually manmade. for example, Huhulmale is the island closest to the main airport, is a "artificial" island that became created in 2004 by dumping hundreds of sand and concrete to make a foundation. nowadays, it looks like a complete-fledged town with paved roads, shops, housing, and coastline.

4. a few islands are disappearing.

In Maldives, more than 100 of islands already disappeared, because of natural erosion from the ocean and increasing water levels. For the remaining islands, seashore erosion is still a huge problem so do not be amazed if you see seawalls built around the islands to assist damage waves or pumps on the seashores, pumping sand back onto land.

5. there is a glow in the darkish beach.

Between certain times of the year, this resort's beach comes alive with mild at night time giving off a starry sky appearance on the dark waves. Even also a few other resorts claim the presence of bioluminescent plankton, we realize without a doubt that you can seize a glimpse right here. it is an memorable experience, but be remember to check the timing of this spectacle at the motel if you're booking specifically to witness that lights.

6. It has a 100 percentage Islamic population.

This is very important to know that, when planning your trip to Maldives, during the month long holy fasting of Ramadan, most of the local staff you'll be encountering at the airport and resorts will be not able to eat or drink anything during daylight hours and many stores and services including on hotel islands will be closed at certain times for prayer.

7. bathing fits, Alcohol and public shows of affection are illegal in Maldives.

The Maldives is a Muslim country and there are some extremely critical rules that you may not know exist. for e.g, alcohol is banned in Maldives strict Muslims are not even allowed to touch anything that contains alcohol. Homosexuality is also illegal in Maldives. women are barred from wearing swim fits or revealing clothing, there are no beef products, and public shows of affection, even just short kisses, are against  the law. They may be a bit more soft on clothing regulations at airport, we assume it's always be respectful when in a foreign country.

8. except on motel islands.

All those rules are not applicable on resort islands. tourists are free to consume pork, booze it up, canoodle and wear bikinis, strap tops and shorts. Keep in mind that, if you take a day trip to the local island, you will be expected to follow the local customs, particularly when concerning women's apparel.

9. Each resort is on its own private island.

This one may surprise you, In Maldives each resort is on its own island. This method that most of the islands are extremely small, so you will be across the identical people all of the time and unless you are taking a day trip, you are on the identical small rectangular of sand for everything of your vacation. There are not any Shopping malls, movie theaters, or food corner, drink, and enjoyment options outside of your resort, so be sure to investigate your digs properly.

10. A few items are banned from access.

Maldive is a Muslim country and there are specific on some items you may carry into the Maldives when you travel. To avoid any hassle on the airport, leave the beef products, alcohol, tobacco products without a health caution printed on them, and any spiritual texts that can be construed outdoor of personal use at domestic.


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