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Know the wonder of Petra, Jordan | Destination Bucket

Petra (also called Al-Batra in Arabic) is a well-known historical and archaeological city located southwestern desert of Jordan, it was Nabatean kingdom's capital. The city has stone made architecture and water conduit system, it is also known as 'Rose City' due to the color of the stone, from which it is carved. It contains temples and tombs carved into pink stone cliffs. Below are some interesting facts about the city that can inspire you to go there.

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Amazing Facts about the Petra city, Jordan

1. In the amazing architecture of Petra, The Treasury is the most famous one. It is estimated to be over 2,000 year old.

2. Bedouin of the Arab Desert has demolished some of the most priceless part of carvings on Treasury walls. During their shooting practice, they used that carvings as target.

3. Most of the structures at the Petra archaeological site have been weakened by salt which is blown from the Dead Sea and it crystallizes on the pillars of the building.

4. Although, Petra was built during the Byzantine era of 5th and 6th century AD, that time Petra became an important Christian center.

5. Petra is home of more than 800 carved tombs.

6. Petra is most famous place for its unique 800 stone made monuments, including graves, buildings, baths, temples, Kamana Gateway, funnels and colonized roads, which were mostly made of kaleidoscopic sandstone.

7. This city was first built in 312 BC, making it one of the oldest metropolitan city in the world.

8.  In Petra, it is referred that the King Arias sought the arrest of the biblian apostle Paul after the conversion to Christianity.

9.  Petra's primary male deity, Dushara's 2,100 pound sandstone, is one of the most famous monuments in Petra.

10. The name Petra is came from a feminine Greek word “Petros” which means “rocks.”

11. Petra is discovered in 1812, by the Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt.

12. To reach inside Petra, you have to go through a narrow valley of about 1 km.

13. This ancient important structure of Petra was confirmed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

14. Petra in Jordan is one of the seven wonders in the world.

15. You can see 360 degree street view of Petra on Google Maps.

16. An archaeological park in the area around Petra is spread over 265 square meters area.

17. The Petra Theater was first built in the Hellenistic style in 106 AD.

18. 8,000 to 5,000 people can seat in the Petra's theater.

19. The ruins of Petra are among the world's most famous archaeological sites.

20. The Kerak Castle and Al-Karak forts in Petra is built by Crusaders.

21. Vehicles are prohibited in Petra city but cavalry, camels and donkeys are allowed.

22. In Jordan, the Dead Sea is a wonder of nature and lowest point on the Earth.

23. From the Byzantine era, many churches were excavated around Petra.

24. Up to now, only 15% area of Petra has discovered and 85% is still underground.

25. There was enough water in this area to survive over 30,000 people who were supposed to have colonized Petra.

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How to reach to the Petra

By Flight : The nearest Airport is King Hussain Airport located at 100 km distance from Petra in Aqaba.

By Bus : Petra is linked to the national capital Amman, which located at a distance of 233 km, by the desert highway. The Wahedat bus station in Amman provides buses for Petra throughout the day except Friday. Due to a high Muslim population, Friday is a holy day for Muslims, but from Petra some buses run on Friday mornings with fixed departure timings at 6.30, 7 and 8 am.

By Train : There is not any railway line to reach Petra.

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