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The Colosseum is based in Rome, Italy, which is one of the seven wonders in the world. It also called as the Flavian Amphitheatre, Colosseum is an oval shaped Amphitheater in the city center. Constructed with mixture of sand and concrete, it is the biggest amphitheater in the world. The construction of Colosseum was started in AD 72 by the Emperor Vespasian and it was completed by his successor Titus in AD 80 by, It took only 9 years to complete. Another Emperor Dominion of the Flavian Dynasty later made some modifications in the Amphitheater. Colosseum had the capacity to host around 80,000 spectators. Some of the public sports, like Animal hunts, Mock sea war, battle re-enactments, executions, and mythological dramas was organized in the Colosseum. Today, this wonder of the world is a famous tourist attraction and the symbol of Imperial Rome.

"Colosseum Rome" (CC BY 2.0) by Grace.Donaghue
1) The Colosseum was constructed between 72 A.D and 80 A.D under the Emperor Vespasian, in the center of Ancient Rome.

2) This magnificent monument is made with concrete and stone and it was built by thousands of slaves.

3) The Colosseum is the biggest oval shaped amphitheater (“round theater”) in the world! It is 189 meters long, 156 meters wide and 50 meters high.

4) There were 80 entrances in this wonderful building and around 50,000 spectators could sit and enjoy the sporting events. Many different types of sports event organized here, like wild animal hunts, gladiatorial combats and yes, ship naval battles!

5) In the major events of Colosseum, there was no entry fee, everyone could come to enjoy the sporting events, it was absolutely free for all and free food was also provided sometimes, in Bonus! It was used by the emperors to gain popularity and support from the public.

6)  The events organized at the Colosseum were severely cruel, because during some games around 10,000 animals were killed in a single day.

7)  More than 390 years, this Amphitheater was used for entertainment purpose. During this period over 400,000 people died in the Colosseum. It is also said that about 1,000,000 animals were also killed in Colosseum.

8)  To secure the spectators from the heat of bright sun and hot weather of ancient Rome, they used velarium, an cover that could be pulled to the top of the seating area to provide shade.

9)  Some programs and games held in Colosseum lasted for 100 days.

10) If it rained, they were spread a red canvas on the whole Colosseum, it was the earliest Roman form of a Skydome.

11) After partially destroyed by the earthquake of the Colosseum, some of the fallen pieces were used to make St. Peter's Basilica.

12) Unfortunately, two-thirds of the part of colosseum has been destroyed over time, it mostly the result of earthquakes, vandalism and fires. Nowadays this Colosseum is a popular tourist site in Rome, attracting thousands of tourists every year.

"Colosseum" (CC BY 2.0) by scohoust
How to reach to the Colosseum in Rome.

By Flight : Leonardo da Vinci is a main airport located in Fiumicino, about 30 kilometres to the southwest of the city. The Ciampino is other airport, where mostly domestic, and some international flights arrive. It situated about 15 kilometres to the southeast of the city.

By Road : If you want to drive anywhere in Italy then you will require an international driving license. The main road connecting Rome from Italy to the north and south is Autostada del Sol, which joins the ring road enclosing the city.

By Train : Rome is well connected to all major cities of Italy and Europe. Roma Termini is the main railway station and If you are planning to travel to cities outside of Rome, It would be best to book the seat first instead of waiting in the queue at the station. Advance bookings are also cheaper.

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