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10 Attractive Places to Visit on your Switzerland Trip

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Switzerland is a central European country and home of many lakes, villages and high mountains of the Alps. Its cities contain landmarks like wooden chapel bridge of Lucerne’s and capital Bern’s Zytglogge clock tower. The country is also famous for ski resorts and mountains hiking. Banking and finance are the main industries, and Swiss chocolate and watches are world famous.

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1. Interlaken
Interlaken is popular for traditional tourist resort in the mountainous region of Bernese Oberland in central Switzerland. Based on the narrow stretch of valley, between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, In the early 1800s, tourists started coming to Interlaken to take breath in mountainous air and for spa treatments. Its popularity has grew only from there. It has old wooden houses and parklands on either side of the Aare River, which offering a spectacular views with three famous Swiss mountains, the Jungfrau, the Monch and the Eiger. The city is also a popular base camp for outdoor acitivites in the surrounding mountains, with dense forests, glaciers and alpine meadows, has some hiking and skiing trails. If you are hungry then you can must try a classic Swiss dish which made from cheese "raclette".

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2. Lausanne
Lausanne is a French speaking region of Vaud based on Lac Léman  (Lake Geneva), in Switzerland. This city is a home of International Olympic Committee, Olympic Museum and lakeshore Olympic Park. Lausanne is also the gateway to some of the finest ski slopes in the world. A part of the Swiss Riviera, Lausanne has been famous with writers for centuries, including Shelley, Ernest Hemingway and Lord Byron. Lausanne has the 19th-century Palais de Rumine houses, science museums, impressive cathedral and wonderful outdoor markets.     

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3. Geneva
Geneva is a city in Switzerland which located at the southern end of vast Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). Surrounded by beautiful mountains and it offers a amazing views of dramatic Mont Blanc. It is a headquarters of  International Red Cross Committee and the European United Nations, and also of 20 other international organizations. it’s a global center for banking. Geneva is a “green” city, because 20 percent of its land dedicated to parks, it is also called as a “city of parks.” best sights to see is the Cathedral of St. Pierre and the headquarters of United Nations. This is a beautiful place which you can explore by bike or taking a boat ride on Lake Geneva.

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4. Zurich
Zurich is a global center for finance and banking, located in northern Switzerland, at the north tip of Lake Zurich. The beautiful lane of the Old Town (central Altstadt) on both sides of the Limit river, analyze its former medieval history. This largest city of Switzerland has more than 100 art galleries and over 50 museums. The visitors can take a boat ride on Lake Zurich, go for a hiking in the nearest mountains or enjoy in night clubs.

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5. Zermatt
Zermatt is a small mountain resort town located in southern Switzerland’s Valais canton, is a great destination for climbing, skiing and hiking. The city is located at an elevation of about 1,600 meters, below the Pyramid shaped highest Matterhorn mountain. Its main road, Bahnofrastas is surrounded with  hotels, restaurants and boutique shops. There is also a public outdoor rings for ice-skating and curling. Zermatt is a ideal town for walking to different sites, gasoline vehicles are not allowed, within the city limits every vehicles must be electronic or battery operated. The city is accessible through beautiful train routes which connects it to the outside world.

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6. Jungfrau Region
The Jungfrau region is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland, located in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. It is named after the famous Jungfrau mountain. Some years ago, this mountainous region was only visited by adventurer lovers who wanted to climb or ski through the mountains. Now, with the extensive railways networks and well developed foot and bike paths, the area is accessible for many types of travelers. The region of Jungfrau consists of four beautiful towns which includes Murren, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, and Wengen, and three iconic mountains Monch, Eiger and Jungfrau. The most amazing train journey in Switzerland, Jungfraubahn takes travelers from the Kleine Scheidegg mountain via Eiger and Mönch to the Jungfraujoch.

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7. Lugano
Lugano town, based in southern Switzerland is a Italian speaking Ticino region. It is a mixture of Swiss and Mediterranean culture which closely related to Italy’s northern Lombardy region. This mixture of culture is also reflects in their cuisine and architecture. Lugano city is surrounded by beautiful mountains stands on the northern side of glacial Lake. Piazza della Riforma is Its main square which ringed with pastel colored, neoclassical palazzi. Lugano city is also known as the “Monte Carlo of Switzerland,” because of its growing popularity with celebrities. This city is also a home of Swiss heritage sites, with two libraries, three cathedrals and several museums. This city also organize an annual classical music concert in summer, which called as Lugano Festival.

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8. Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva is one of the largest Crescent shaped Lake in Europe which shared among France and Switzerland. The Swiss city Geneva is located at its southern end, is a diplomatic center with luxurious shops. Lake Geneva situated on the course of the Rhone river in Switzerland. The main attraction here is the fashionable cities surrounding the lake, hiking and skiing opportunities in mountain ranges, and beautiful Lake Geneva.

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9. Lucerne
Lucerne city is a German speaking region in Switzerland known for its well preserved architecture, snowcapped mountains and Lake Lucerne. The Lucerne city is one of the world’s prettiest cities, it is famous for its 14th century  Water Tower and Chapel Bridge. The dying lion is another famous sepulchre, which was made of rock in honor of the Swiss mercenary died in France in 1792. The visitors can try Luzerner Chügelipastete, a special local dish made from puff pastry and cream sauce doused with mushrooms.

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10. Bern
Bern city is the capital of Switzerland, is built around the Aare River and a picturesque town with a history, dating back to the 12th century. The bear is the symbol of Bern and ancient clock tower with moving puppets of Zytglogge is the most famous attraction in Bern. Bern also have some other popular sites which includes a Gothic cathedral, the Munster and its town hall. This old town which boasts more than four miles of arcades, has made it the longest shopping area in Europe.


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