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The things that make Japan more successful

"Japan Mountain View" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Vincent_AF

Japan is a fascinating destination. right here, you will find a seamless mixture of old traditions and latest technology. you will additionally discover fantastic natural landscapes on a short train journey from sparkling, sprawling towns and loud, jarring shops a quick distance from quiet regions complete of nuanced guidelines. it is the type of region in which humans will wait patiently in line for water after a natural disaster.

Japan is the most safest country in the world.

Yes, it's true Japan is on the top ten lists of world's safest countries. It also a great place for female travelers, It's doesn’t mean you may throw caution to the wind. as with any country, you will need to be vigilant as a guest, live out of shady regions, keep away from flaunting your money, and do not provoke anyone.

Most of the places in Japan accept cash than credit card.

In Japan cash is a king. Employees in Japan are generally paid in cash and most of the companies and services, including restaurants and stores, accept only cash. Your motel and some large department stores will generally take credit cards, however you need to always check first. Ensure to always have lots of yen in your pockets in order to keep away from awkward conversations. If you find yourself without cash, then go to the ATM. But your bank card not guaranteed to work each time, however it's also open 24/7.

"Bridge / 橋(はし)" (CC BY 2.0) by TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋)

The metro is not for 24 hours in Japan

it may surprise you that the country such a lot of conveniences doesn't have a 24-hour train service, but yes it's true even in the glittering. Tokyo is the most populated city in Japan and all train stop at 1 a.m, it means after 1 a.m you can't get any train. while making plans for your night out, expect to make a mad rush for the final train. depending on in where you're, you will need to be travel via the doors everywhere among 11:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Missing the train can be very costly for you and you have to depend on a highly priced cab, so you need to take your decision before 1 am. If you want to stay out all night then another option for you is going to one of the all night karaoke joints and sing into the early hours of the morning. it is very less costly than a cab.

You don't need to give a tip

Yes you don’t need to give a tip to your cab drivers, waiters or bartenders. There's no tipping allowed in Japan. In fact, if you do, they may fill be insulted, and if you try to leave extra money then your server will run after you to return your  money. Waiters get paid a living salary in Japan, so don't feel guilty. This rule is also for hotel staff and different service staff you will meet during your journey.

In any case if you really want to thanks someone for there service, then you can offer a small gift of appreciation, like Keychain or something like that. No matter what it is, but be sure to say thank you and bow as you are hand it over.

At some places you need to remove your shoes outside.

Remember that you have to Leave your shoes outside when entering someone's house in Japan. Like many other countries of Asia, removing your shoes when you entering inside the house is an absolute must. This is also the norm for numerous restaurants, so make sure you take off your shoes and you'll also have to take off your shoes before you getting into the dressing rooms, too.

Get pocket wifi on a rent

Yes, you can rent a pocket Wi-Fi for your trip to Japan and really it become a lifesaver! Tokyo is big city, so that you’ll need all the navigation assist you can get if you’re headed there! I mostly depended on Google Maps the whole time for walking instructions as well as making plans our routes via subway or train, each in the city and among towns. It was very helpful to have a mobile hotspot available at all times.

Did you know why Japanese wear surgical mask!?

If you're thinking that the people wearing surgical masks for trying to avoid getting sick, you would be wrong. In reality, People's in Japan only wear a surgical mask when they aren't feeling well so they can help to stop the spread of germs to their family members and friends.


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