Sunday, 28 February 2016

9 Thing's which you won't believe that have been banned in some countries of the world.

Poland - Winnie the Pooh.
In Tuszyn, which is a little town in Central Poland, Winnie the Pooh is banned from playgrounds. Because, the local authorities argued that the Pooh is “half-naked” and of “dubious sexuality”, which is totally inappropriate for children.

Singapore - Chewing Gum.
When traveling to Singapore, remember that don't take any chewing gum with you. Because, Singapore bans on the import or sale of gum, In 2004, the cities in Southeast Asia imposed a strict ban on imports and sales of chewing gum. Under this rule, no any gum is allowed to bought or sold inside the Singapore, only exception for those people who have a medical prescription for gum and there is a $500 fine for spitting out gum on the streets.

China - Reincarnation Without Government Permission.
In 2007, the government of china passed a law for the Reincarnation of Living Buddhas in Tibetan Buddhism” According to the law, it's illegal for the Tibetan monks to reincarnate without the prior government approval.

United Kingdom - Dying in the Houses of Parliament.
Another most popular law passed in England which is prohibiting the people to die in the Houses of Parliament. Yes, its Completely true. Dying in the Houses of Parliament is banned in England because, anyone who dies inside the houses of parliament it was technically entitled to a state funeral. And the British government doesn’t want to deal with state funerals.

India - Alcohol Advertisements.
In the late 1990s the government of India ban on the advertisements of alcohol and cigarettes. Many companies in India tried to get around the ban by promoting surrogate products using the brand name of their liquor companies labels by advertising numerous brand like soda, mineral water, CD’s, airline and also a cricket team!. India is being the largest whisky market in the world. It consumes one-fifth of the total alcohol produced in the world, many liquor companies are trying to dodge the ban by finding loopholes in the laws to advertise their brands, but some of those ads have come under fire from the government in the past.

North Korea - Blue Jeans.
In North Korea only blue jeans are banned, you can wear black jeans but not a blue jeans. Because, the blue color is associated with the United States, so North Korea banned them.

Saudi Arabia - Valentine's Day.
Yes! The Valentines day is banned in Saudi Arabia, because it violets the Muslim belief . So the government of Saudi orders all gift store shopper's to remove anything red or which considered to be a symbol of romance prior to the valentine day. But, this ban isn't entirely successful and the country now has a thriving Valentine's Day black market where couples can buy red roses and other gifts at around five times of their ordinary prices.

China - Facebook & twitter.
Facebook & twitter has billion of monthly active users worldwide, but no one active user from China! That’s because, Facebook and twitter is banned in China. The ban could be due to riots that broke out or to protection of domestic companies or one more reason to this ban is China has its own social media site, which has more users than Facebook, but it is highly controlled and censored.

USA - Kinder Surprise Eggs.
Kinder Surprise eggs is a Italian chocolate brand of egg shaped candies containing a 'surprise' toy inside the egg, have been banned in the United States since they were first manufactured in the '70s. America’s no-fun Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned all candies with embedded toys since 1938.


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