Sunday, 22 November 2015

One of the most attractive city in the world - Venice, Italy

'Late Summer on the Grand Canal by trishhartmann, on Flickr'
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License Photo by trishhartmann
Venice city is the capital of Veneto region, located in northern Italy. It is built on numerous small islands in a marshy lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. It is usually called as "City of Bridges" There are no any cars or roadways, just canals and boats. There are more than 100 islands around the Venice. This place is the famous place for romantic people's, lovers, poets and artists, Venice is a magical city, which built on numerous small islands. It also refered as the city of "gondole", which are the means of transportation which used to cross the numerous canals passing through the city.
         In Venice you'll see many historical place with modern interiors and traditional designs which are very common in all over the city. Renting a holiday apartment in Venice means you can soak up the romantic atmosphere at affordable prices. If you prefer more traditional accommodation, there are many cheap hotels in Venice. Finding address in Venice city is very difficult task. Because all there houses are numbered according to the districts, not the streets. That is very confusing method even for a postmen there. The easiest way to find anyone address in Venice is there's most famous landmark like, shop or famous building.
        In Venice, Accademia, Rialto and Scalzi are three major bridges across the grand canal. The streets in Venice has one of the narrowest streets in the world. Ramo Varisco street and Calletta street is only 53cm wide streets in Venice. "Gondolas" are the most recognizable symbols of Venice and each gondola is made with eight different types of woods. In Venice, more than 350 gondolas and 400 gondolieri. Before 2010, Venice didn't have female gondoliers, Venice got its first female gondolier in 2010. There are total 177 canals in Venice. But The S-shaped Grand Canal is one of the biggest canal in the city of Venice. Canals are the main routes of communication in Venice. Because of that the main entrance of the houses are always on a side of canals.
         This city is divided into 6 districts. There are 416 bridges, 118 islands, 127 squares and 177 canals. This City of Bridges is more than 1500 years old. Sea is safe for swimming in Venice. More than 66,000 people live in this City. In 1638, Worlds first public casino was opened in Venice. This place is definitely one of our favorite destinations. The romantic atmosphere of Venice inspires various visitors, also its famous colorful Carnival and the Film Festival also attract many visitors.
        Did you know Venice wasn’t built directly on the surface of the island? Yes its right, This city was not actually built on the island. its structures are supported by more than 100,000 wooden platforms. All platforms are secured by additional structures placed in the sea. The architect’s favoured form of foundations the fishermen’s houses who founded Venice to build the beautiful buildings we see today.
        Venice, one of the unique city in the world. With Lots of canals, its narrow streets, the beautiful palaces and the absence of cars. This beautiful city attracts many tourist from all over the world. It always to be a part of our dreams. Yet this wonderful city is not only the star of many movies, but it is also a city of strange things.......


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