Wednesday, 11 November 2015

One of The Breathtakingly Amazing Place In China, You Must See Before You Die!
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  furiouskaa5786 
Red Seabeach is a 'Wonder of Nature' located near Panjin city of China. This Red grass defines very attractive landscape in the city. Red beach also attract thousands of migrating birds to the largest wetland in the world. This area is in the middle of the route for 236 migrating bird species. They stay here while traveling from Southeast Asia to Australia. Tourists are allowed to visit Red Seabeach but, only in some selected areas Because, Most area of the Red Beach is a nature reserve and it closed to the public. There is a small section of the beach which specially designed for tourism with bridges is open for tourists. The tourists can walk around the bridges and view the wonderful scene of Red Beach. If you want to go there, you can take a bus or a train from Tianjin or Beijing and see this great view once in your lifetime. The red color is caused by a kind of sea weed that grows abundantly in the saline-alkali soil. This beautiful Red Seabeach is lies on the bank of the Liaohe River Delta.
        The first thing that comes in our mind when thinking about beach is Sand., But, the Panjin Red Beach doesn’t have any sand, it not covered in sand at all, there are only seaweeds that cover almost the entire area of Liaohe River Delta. The seaweeds (called as "Sueda") grows during April or May and stay green until summer. In the autumn, the sea weed turns a flaming red color that will please your eyes. Then the whole beach is covered by the red carpet of sea weed. If you want to ser perfect view of that beach, visit during September to October. Only a few part of the Red Beach is open for tourists and the park closes @ 5 PM. Other than the vivid red color that paints the marsh, you can also see the Black Beaked Gulls and Crown Cranes around the area. Because of hat’s the place is also called as the “home of the cranes”.
        Many tourists come every year to see this incredible Red Beach in China. Here you can see the amalgamation of Nature and Wildlife. Remember that, Seaweed only changes their color when the summer ends so be sure you Plan your trip well enough that you get to see the Red Beach at its perfect time. In September, the metamorphoses is in full swing and in October & November you can enjoy the vast red-colored curiosity. Wooden bridge takes your from the land out onto the sea all which is covered in the red color. This place is perfect location for photography. If you are a photographer, this place is for you, it is one of the best location for photography and you don't want to miss the chance to capture this beautiful part of China.
        The Red Seabeach is a great place to see in your lifetime. There are so many beautiful & amazing places are available to see in the world and the Red Beach is one of them. Enjoy the vibrant color, see the birds, the seals sunbathe, giant turtles and the sun-set on these amazing location, that will make it all worth it in the end.