Saturday, 4 July 2015

Vasant garden(cypress garden). mulund. mumbai

Mulund is a suburb in north-east of Mumbai in India about 32 kilometers from it. Mulund is also a railway station on the Central Railway line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway. Through the Mulund-Airoli Bridge, easy access to the Eastern Express Highway and Navi Mumbai. 
       Vasant garden is one of the best place to visit in mulund it's near the cypress building in mulund. vasant garden also called as cypress garden is pretty popular place among young crowd from Mulund, Thane...

      This place is good for traking near mumbai, because this place located on the hill side of mulund area. view from the top of this hill is very nice, also this is the famous spot for couple's.

    Many traker's coming here for enjoy traking. from the top of this hill you can see the great view of tulsi lake. this is one of the best hill station near mumbai. it was an excellent trekking spot, The hill was a dangerous mix of jagged rocks, slippery slopes and lose mud. When you finally reach on the top of this hill you can see, Contrasting view of Vihar lake nestled amongst lush green Sahyadri hills on one side and towering skyline of Mulund and Thane. During monsoon there are numerous waterfalls and one can see the tulsi and vihar lake too. It is a tiring trek for the average people as the climb is steep and great for cardio. It is not a big western ghats like treks but is fun and scenic. The climb is a high grade climb with full of rocks to pass. There are huge chunks of rocks and the climb is steep which will take you straight through the top. At the base there are two ways one which goes right and other straight up the rocks. The right one is wide enough to get noticed, almost 2 cars can pass. If you take this it is a long route but less steep. The other one is straight up the rocks which is steep and is also easily noticed.

      Actually, there were so many routes. In beginning you got confused about where to lead from but, all routes lead to top. you just have to keep on looking up and track the direction. There were some marking trees also on which red cloth was tied as to guide climbers. Cyprus is actually end of Sanjay Gandhi National Park at Central line Mumbai. From the top, view of ‘Tulsi’ Lake and Dense forest of Sanjay Gandhi National Park is fantastic. Unfortunately, bordered by cement jungle from both the sides. One is Mulund and other one is Borivali. When you see that you couldn’t believe that such a place really existed near Mulund. On one side of the hill there was very dense natural forest and on the other, city forest.
how to reach this place?
This place located at yogi hills so, you can take auto to reach this place also you can take bus from mulund station to swapn nagari (bus no. 405, 407).


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