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Tarkarli beach (malvan, maharashtra)

Tarkarli is a village in Malvan Taluka in Sindhudurg district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Tarkarli is very fast growing tourist destination and is becoming the next preferred location after goa from the past few years. The beach has the finest white sand beach in the entire stretch of Konkan beaches. Notwithstanding the proximity to Goa.
     Tarkarli still is one of the most popular beaches in southern Konkan. With the Karli backwaters on one side and the turquoise blue sea on the other, Tarkarli is the most picturesque destination and Tarkarli is also amongst the most popular beaches in Maharashtra. At the backwaters of River Karli is a beautiful place where the colourful fish, clean waters and the green canopies will leave you spell bounded. Tarkarli offers an ideal destination for a relaxed weekend away near the beach and also is a good stop over on the way to Goa if you are on a long holiday.
      Tarkarli is amongst the few destinations in Maharashtra where you can enjoy Snorkeling and S.C.U.B.A diving thanks to the clear waters and the coral reefs which spread over almost the entire coast near Tarkarli. Expert guidance is also available for the beginners and the experienced scuba divers and snorkelers can enjoy the calm blue waters at Tarkarli beach. Sindhudurg fort which spreads over 44 acres on the Kurte island to the north of Tarkarli in Malvan is another must visit during a Tarkarli Holiday.
      Tarkarli is the famous place for fresh cashew nuts. Tarkarli is also known for its cashew bars especially from Zanytes factory outlets in Malwan market. Also you can try the various Amba poli (Aam papad) and the Amba wadi, and Kokam wadi. Don't forget to pack some of this delicious stuff and take it back home for your family. There are many restaurant which serve you the most fresh and delicious sea food. For the vegetarians, the Sol Kadi and Aamras are not to be missed, also you can try the kombadi-vada, a Malvan speciality.
      Tourism industry and fishing is the main source of income for their villager, there are many Homestays spread accross the tarkarli beach. from wayri till devbag sangam, you can spend very peaceful time in these homestays and get good taste of their traditional cuisine. these homestays also provide some morden facilities like, A/C rooms, non - A/C rooms, well maintained toilets and small restaurant.

List of some best hotels near Tarkarli
MTDC resort Tarkarli
Sea view resort Tarkarli
Sagar beach resort
Hotel Sagar Kinara
Blue water resort
Blue sea resort
Tarkarli Niwas
Hotel Visava

How to reach tarkarli?
Sindhudurg and Kudal are the nearest railway stations of tarkarli(about 30kms away) and is the best way to Travel to Tarkarli. By road Tarkarli is about 35 Kms off the NH17 from Kasal.

Distance between tarkarli from major cities
Pune to Tarkarli (400 km)
Mumbai to Tarkarli (480 km)
Kolhapur to Tarkarli (180 km)
Banglore to Tarkarli (650 km)
Ahamadabad to Tarkarli (1050 km)
Nagpur to Tarkarli (980 km)
Haidrabad to Tarkarli (700)

Live in sunshine, swim in sea and drink the wild air, enjoy at Tarkarli.


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