Friday, 17 July 2015

Mogra flower(Jasminum sambac)

Mogra (Jasmine sambac) is an evergreen shrub that is grown throughout the tropics. It is a fregrance flower, Jasmine prefers mild and tropical climate to grown, Jasmine is commercially grown in India under the open field conditions. The ideal requirements for successful cultivation of jasmine are mild winter, summer, moderate rainfall and sunny days. in south india the planting is done any time between July to December. important varieties of mogra (jasmine) are : Single Mohora, Double Mohora, Motiya, Khoya, madanban, Rai Japanese, Iruvatchi, Ramabanam etc.
       The oval shaped green leaves, bear around five to nine leaflets which give the entire plant a very beautiful look. jasmine flowers are white in color. and it grows worldwide spreading its fragrance all over. Jasmine flowers are used for making perfumes and incense, also used in Jasmine tea and other herbal or black tea. Jasmine flowers are stringed together to make garlands in India. also the Women in India wear this flower in their hair. Especially in south India and konkan region, Jasmine flowers are an integral part of their heir decoration.
       Jasmine oil is a very popular fragrant oil, The flower of jasmine sambac looks very beautiful during the nights with white blooms covered on the green plant. In india Madurai city in Tamil Nadu is famous for its Jasmine production. Jasmine sambac is the national flower of Phillipines, and also It is a symbol of purity, humility and strangth. The flower is used as an offering to the Buddha in cambodia. It is one of the most commonly grown in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In oman it is used on children's first birthday. The flower of Jasmine sambac has been known for its abundant health benefits and its medicinal uses. Some varieties of jasmine sambac are known as "Belle of India", "Maid of Orleans", and "Grand Duke of Tuscany". The flower is open at night and wilt in less than a day. and It also used to treat wounds and snake bites. It extract acts as a deodorant. This Flowers are presumed to be the divine grace of gods. Its popularity in India can be easily understood as "Moonshine in the garden " by the Indians. Jasmine leaves are either evergreen or deciduous and It used to make garlands in india. grandiflorum and officinale are the two types of jasmine plants which are widely used for oil production. 
       The fragrant flowers of Carolina Jasmine and Gelsemium sempervirens is poisonous and its dried roots are used in medicinal preparations as a sedative. Jasmine flower are known as Pikake in Hawaii. The white or cream coloured flowers are often picked and placed in the hair by the young ladies in India. The flowers are also put together by means of a string and sold in the market for use as a hair piece. The odour it gives is as strong or stronger than any commercial scent.Jasmine oil is very popular for fragrant oil which is used in high-grade perfumes and cosmetics. In different parts of India it is called by different names - mogra, motia, chameli, Mallige, juhi and jaati. there are 300 varieties of jasmine is in the world.


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