Friday, 10 July 2015

Kabutar(Dove Bird) khana, Dadar, Mumbai

"Kabutarkhana" is One of the city’s most famous and oldest landmarks in Mumbai, especially in "Dadar Kabutarkhana" which dates back to 1933 and built by Valamji Ratanshi Vora and is today managed by a group of 6 trustees."Dadar Kabutarkhana" is constructed in 1933 and still exists in its present form.
      The KabutarKhana is On heritage structure list and this home to about 3000 to 5000 pigeons since 1933 is a round circled structure exactly at the Dadar market junction opposite site of jain temple. This kabutarkhana was also a spot seen in many bollywood movies. The structure of Kabutarkhana is quite old now, but when we see thousands of bird coming here its gives a beautiful feeling. I hope the structure is beautified and well maintained in upcoming days so that the problems of traffic and security due to crowd are solved and this heritage structure of Mumbai be seen forever to every upcoming generations.
      The new looks of this place will be clean and beautiful, keeping the heritage important old things which are used inside like water fountain, cast iron grills intact. The main point of this renovation process is the traffic at this circle junction, It will further give easy movements for buses, taxis and will help pedestrians too for ease in crossing. renovation will also attract more tourist to visit this place. Some part of the Kabutar Khana that causes the traffic jam will be reduced by 1 metre each; this means the granary shed will be shifted inside and it helps to resolve the traffic problems here.
      Kabutars (dove) are quiet and peaceful, and make wonderful pets, they like human contact. These birds can be quite entertaining as well as useful because, Throughout the history they have been used to carry messages, and were known as carrier bird. Many kabutar (doves and pigeons) are very attractive. There is a variety of colors and color patterns, ranging from whites to blue, grays and any shade in between, and also a variety of uniquely feathered types. kabutar (dove) is a long life bird generally about 10 to 12 years and Be careful about adding a new bird to a cage with existing birds. Most of kabutar are territorial by nature. They may be protective of their space and will not appreciate a new roommate, possibly even killing the newcomer. When you first bring your bird home, please give it about a week or so with very little disturbance and don't let it out of its cage. There is much for it to become familiar with just being in its cage. Give it a chance to know you and get comfortable with you and remember one thing, kabutar (Doves and pigeons) do not mix well with cats or dogs.

Something about Dadar
      Dadar is one of the most crowded railway stations and it is a neighborhood in Mumbai, and is also a railway station on both the Western and Central lines. Dadar station is the only railway station common to both the Central and Western lines. Dadar vegetable and flowers market was the heart of the city and was responsible for distributing vegetables across all of Mumbai.
      The famous Shivaji Park, a huge playground that has been home to some of the best cricketer's in the world, including Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar. 


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