Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Jackfruit tree in india

The jackfruit tree also known as jack tree is well suited to tropical lowlands, and its fruit is the largest tree-borne fruit, The jackfruit tree is a popular food item in tropical regions of India. The word "jackfruit" comes from Portuguese word "jaca". This tree belongs to the mulberry family and is native to the Konkan and Malabar regions.
       The jackfruit tree Popularly known as 'Fanas' in Konkan. Jackfruit is a natural summer season fruit grown in tropical climate of Western Maharashtra. It is a long shape thorny jumbo Fruit. Today, the Jack or jackfruit is poised to be not just food for the human but also as food for the gods. ‘Modak’ the favourite food of Ganesha or Ganapati (Hindus God) is increasingly being made of Jack fruit pulp at the capital city of all Ganesh celebrations... Mumbai.
       Normally, kernels of Jackfruit are consumed which are available in two varieties 'Rasal' (succulent) has a slightly hard inner flesh when ripe and 'Kapa' is very soft and almost dissolving. Rasal is used by food products manufactures to make delicious sweet item its called 'Fanaspoli' (Jack Pulp, is made into thin cake). Fanas(jack) Chips are also popular. Also, the timber of jackfruit is used for construction of houses. Besides eating jackfruit in its ripe, many people cook the raw jackfruit as a vegetable, use it in curries and pickles too. Even the seeds of the jackfruit are eaten in its cooked form.
      The jackfruit is seasonally available in the summer, and the trees can grow in almost any soil and on hill slopes. Jackfruit is commonly used in south asian cuisines. The seeds of the jackfruit can be boiled, baked like beans or made into flower. jackfruit is boiled and used in curries, Ice-cream or even also made into chips in many cultures, jackfruit is the best substitute for kitchen. It is loaded with carbohydrate and calorie and it contains zero cholesterol that makes it a healthy food. jackfruit also help to maintain blood pressure because, it has potassium that maintains the sodium level in the body and good level of potassium help to reduce high blood pressure. Jackfruit also provide some relief to asthma patient. and the leaves of jackfruit tree are useful for curing fever and skin diseases. The wood of jackfruit tree is widely used in manufacturing furniture, door, musical instrument, windows and construction. Jackfruit is known as panasa in sanskrit, in hindi its called as a katahal, chakka in malayalam and pala in tamil.
      Jackfruit also help you to decrease your skin wrinkles for this take jackfruit seeds and keep dipped in cold milk for sometime, after that grind it and apply on your wrinkle softly. With number of advantages jackfruit also have some disadvantages like, It may cause an allergic reaction in people who suffering from birch pollen allergies, it also increase coagulation in people suffering from blood disorders and The jackfruit seeds may have an immunostimulative effect in patients undergoing immunosuppression therapy. 
      Jackfruit is the national fruit of Bangladesh and a close relative of the Jackfruit Tree that is called as "Monkey Jack" also grown in Bangladesh.

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