Friday, 10 July 2015

Ferries & boats in goa

This is the ferry also known as ferryboat by the locals, which carries people from one shore to the other, across the rivers and estuaries all around Goa.
      Enjoying the advantage of a coastline as long as Goa does, it is hardly surprising that boats and ferries will form one of the most important means of transport in the state. The sea is extremely important for reaching the state and a number of services are carried to and from the state to the other regions of India as well as the rest of the world. Boats and ferries in Goa are also important as a means of internal transportation.
      The ferries of Goa provide an essential means of transport connecting the different regions of the state. There is a ferry from the capital city of Panaji across the Mandovi river to Betim, despite the presence of two excellent bridges across the Mandovi river.
      Travellers to Goa feel that the ferry ride is one of the most romantic mode of transport in Goa. This most enjoyable ride is well worth checking out. The Ferry ride in Goa is perfect for those people who want to see Goa in its real and rural form. Travelling on the waves of Arabian Sea and enjoying the cool breeze is sure to giving you a very romantic experience. In city like goa you can find several services providers offering transportation via boats and ferries. Goa's water transport services provide cheap and easy modes of transport connecting you to various parts of the city via boats and ferries
      Apart from roads, you can also take water route to travel from one destination to another in Goa. Boats and ferries are important means of internal transportation in goa. Many boats and ferries take in almost everyone and everything, like local fisherwoman carrying their ware to smart foreigners, motorbikes, cars, cattle and other heavy items from one place to another. Various small villages on the coast of Goa are connected by ferry. For tourists, it is a unique experience to travel by ferry, but for locals it is a day to day affair.
     The ferries and boat services in Goa are regular and affordable and thus they have become the backbone of water transport in Goa. By travelling with ferry in goa you can get a chance to experience the countryside and folk life of Goa. The most unusual ferry services of Goa by travelling to some of the major tourist destinations of the state which are connected by ferries. The ferry crossing from panjim to betim runs every 15 mins from 6am to 10pm. It is free and takes less than 10 mins to reach.
     The official capital of Goa is Panaji (also called as Panjim) and Vasco (Vasco da Gama) is the largest city in Goa. Panaji is the centre of attraction for all arriving tourists in goa and One of the most smallest capitals in India. Vasco or Vasco da Gama  is named after the Portuguese explorer by the same name. Dabolim Airport, Goa’s main international airport is located in Vasco. Konkani is an official language of goa and It is a multi-religious, multi-cultural state.


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