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Inside of sindhudurg fort

"Sindhudurg fort" is located in malvan, Maharashtra, india. It also called as a malvan fort. Sindhudurg (Sindhu = sea) and (Durg = Fort) was built by The Heroji Indalkar Deshmukh. The most interesting thing about this fort is it based inside the sea and its created and owned by The great warrior shivaji maharaj. fort at the mid of sea. Awesome landscape from outside and inside the fort. A crazy place for photographers. Shivaji’s palm and footprints are preserved here on dried lime slabs in a tower. Inside the Fort, temples of Bhavanimata, Shambhu Mahadev, Jirimiri, Mahapurush and Shivajeshwar are worth seeing, all of which are in good condition. You get a boat from the shore which takes you to the fort with some minimal amount of 50 rupees return ticket for one person for one hour. Make sure you buy your ticket for more than an hour as it takes a lot of time to cover the fort.
      The Sindhudurg fort is approachable from the Malvan pier by a boat through a narrow navigable channel between two smaller islands of Dhontara and Padmagad. There is even a guide to take you around inside. Fort is completely cut off during the monsoons. The color of the waters, the waves colliding with the walls of the fort.. in total a must visit place.
      Sindhudurg Fort is One of the best preserved forts of the Marathas, Sindhudurg is 48 acre fort has a four kms long zigzag line of 9 meters high and 3 meters wide rampart with 42 bastions. This fort made with 500 stone splitters and stonebreakers, 100’s of skilled artists and 3000 laborers who work very hard to complete this fort in three years. The main entrance gate of the fort is called Dilli Darwaja and it is such constructed that it is visible only from near view else it will look like a normal wall of the fort. Outside the southern wall there is a small beach, called Ranichi Vela (Queen’s private beach), where daughter-in law of Shivaji and Queen Tarabai used to enjoy her sea-bath.
      The sindhudurg fort also houses some twenty Hindu-Muslim families, who have been living there for generations. There are three sweet water wells and few tanks which are also available in the fort premises, which is a nature’s marvel as sea surrounds the fort on all sides. Another part of attraction is an underground tunnel which is supposed to be used by the ladies in case of enemy attack in ancient times. This tunnel, goes almost 12 km beneath the Arabian Sea. But, This tunnel, however, was closed partially by the British East India Company.

Visiting Hour
You can visit the fort everyday during day time from 10 a.m to 5.30 p.m.

Entry Charges
The Entry fee for Indian Tourist Is 50 Per Person while for tourist from outside India, it is 200 per person.

Getting There
By Air:
Nearest airports are Goa and Mumbai.
By Rail:
Nearest railhead is Kudal, (45 k.m. on Konkan Railway.)
By Road:
Mumbai–Malvan, 546 k.m.  Kolhapur–Malvan, 160 k.m.

Also the State transport and private buses available from Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur.


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